Fleet Graduates

September 15, 1991

Fleet Business School of Annapolis recently conducted its graduationceremony on July, 25, 1991, in the Grand Ballroom of the Holiday Inn.

Fleet Business School was established in 1934 by Mrs. A. Gordon Fleet and is fully accredited by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools. The school is located in the New Sovran Building on Riva Road in Annapolis.

Dr. Faye Allen received a plaque commemorating the dedication of the scholarship fund in the name of her late husband, Dr. Aris T. Allen. Charles Wheatly, a member of the Fleet Board of Advisers, gave the invocation and the benediction.

James H. Graves, President and Director, Carole M. Nicholson, Executive Vice-President, Ann Scott, Dean of the Evening School, and Melody Bail, Dean of Students of the Day School, presented the diplomas.

Susan Warpinski, graduate of theMicrocomputer Software Operations Program, was valedictorian. Five graduates with a final grade point average of 4.0 were honored with medallions.

Graduates from the Microcomputer Operations Program were: Cynthia A. Anguiano, Latonia Yvette Blake, Renee Arlene Boldley, Melissa Coates Smith, Dominique J. Culley, Dawn Marie Curtis, Stacy Lynn D'Appolito, Edna Joyce DeWitt, Cynthia Ferguson, Diane G. Frank, Michelle D. Galloway, Carol Gibbons, Kim H. Goodnow, Darlene Agnes Gray, Roxanne Tekola Harris, Teresa Marie Hazzard, Detra Henson, Sharon Lynn Hudson, Renwick Peter Ifill, Shannon Jenkins Thompson, Leigh Ann Kirby, Shawn Worley Marquess, Darlene Michaud, Yvette Marie Munoz, Robin Paul, Yvette Rene Peters. Mary D. Ryan, Melissa Lee Shearer, Robin Catherine Smith, Barbara Ann Wilson, Wayne A. Wilson, and Stephen Lee Windsor.

Graduates of the Business and Travel Program were: Robin Michelle Ferrer, Kimberly Sue Frank, Rebecca S. Green, Kelly SusanHall, Madie Harris, Nicole Lynn Johnson, Lisa K. Mayr, Mary Elizabeth Ramsburg, Maureen Lynn Rank, Shirley Sloan, Deborah A. Smith, Michelle Lynn Willis, and Katherine A. Wittig.

Graduates of the Word Processor Program were:

Susan Patrice Cantler, Charlene D. Coursey, Carol A. Dworkowski, Kristen Godwin, Molly M. Montag, Barbara Jean Neely, Jennifer R. Riley, Cheryl L. Schnoor, and Carla W. Wallace.

Graduates of the Microcomputer Software Operations Program were: Ruth Angell Sides, Sandra M. Atkins, Julie A. Bales, Carol Beatty, Sylvia L. Hutton, Juanita Lea Morsberger, Rita Neubauer, Gresilda M. Sovoy, Angela Veronica Simms, Kimberly Smith, Maureen B. Smith, Jean M. Stanton, Niwako Taguchi, Susan M. Warpinski.

Graduates of the Small Business Managerial Work-Study Program were:

Rosa Brunson, Shawn Kalinay, and Susan Marie Keck.

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