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September 15, 1991

From: Robert S. Barranco, Jr.

Funeral Director,

Barranco and Sons

Severna Park Funeral Home.

I would like to commend Anne Arundel County Sun staff writer Angela Gambill for herAug. 23, 1991, story on St. Luke's Episcopal Church's Memorial Garden. I would, however, like to point out a couple of inaccuracies.

First, cremation does not always eliminate embalming. When chosen, cremation is merely a final step of disposition of a deceased human body. In fact, many bodies that are cremated have funeral services in thefuneral home of church, including viewing, prior to cremation.

Second, according to recent statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association, only 13 percent of bodies are cremated, not one-third as reported in the article.

I am sure Anna May Wilson's vision for creating the garden will bring joyful memories of life to those who visit.


From: Annabel Bowers


Teaching is one of the most fulfilling professions but also one of the most demanding. If it is to reach even a minimum of its goals, theteacher needs the support and cooperation of that school's administration, i.e. the principal.

How can anyone do his very best if he surrounded by an air of intimidation, vindictiveness and general negative vibrations.

The person in front of the classroom has many and varied responsibilities toward the students. These responsibilities cannot be carried out or achieved under adverse conditions.

I know several of the instructors and coaches from Northeast. They are fine and dedicated people but feel frustrated by the seeming indifference manifested by the "powers that be from Riva Road" to their situation.

Why do they sacrifice the well-being of the many students and teachers -- to preserve their judgment in selecting Mr. Joseph Carducci Jr. as a principal.

Will they ever be able to correct their lack in judgment?


From: Mary Spannare

Glen Burnie

After reading the Aug. 22, 1991, article by Angela Gambill on the free school clothing to save needy children from "humiliation, depression and loss of self esteem," I felt compelled to write to express my concern, not for just

the needy but for all Anne Arundel County students. All students feel the same peer pressure to have the latest clothes that will help them gain acceptance by their classmates.

It was quite generous that stores such as J. C. Penney, Stride Rite, Buster Brown, Athlete's Foot, etc. donated footwear and clothing during these hard economic times and that volunteers are willing to help the "guy next door." It was also ironic that one of the volunteerstalked of the difficulty of clothing her own children, spending over$130 for shoes and probably much more for underwear, socks, pants, and shirts.

The question that should be raised by the parents is why hasn't that Board of Education taken the lead by mandating that thestudents wear uniforms. This eliminates the pressure to conform and eliminates the perceived "class" difference that money brings. The uniform could be the school colors or a combination of the school colors with a plain black shoe. This would take many problems out of the classrooms and would permit the teachers to concentrate on teaching and the students to concentrate on learning.


From:Julie Jabaay


I am writing to express disappointment in reading your article titled "Shaman/nurse uses energy of love to heal the sick" by Angela Gambill Sept. 31.

A shaman is a witch. Theyindeed have been around for thousands of years. Their "gospel" of "pure love energy," "everything is sacred," and "Mother Earth has an antidote for everything" is a lie. God is still sovereign. There is evil in the world. Satan is alive and well.

Eastern mysticism, witchcraft and humanism are still those things, even when wrapped in "love," "positivism," "self-help," etc. Labels. God is not fooled. I pray that your readers aren't either.


From: Michael J. Rose


Generally, I enjoy political satire and especially satirical cartoons. However, you recently ran two cartoons by Mr. (Rob) Snyder lampooning (Northeast High School Principal Joseph) Carducci that I find offensive.

In each of these cartoons, Mr. Carducci is pictured as a Roman Catholic cleric. Assuming that Mr. Carducci may be Catholic, I would submit to you that religion is irrelevantwith respect to this issue, since there are Catholics on both sides of it. Will Mr. Snyder be depicting Lt. Governor Melvin Steinberg as a rabbi when his view on a subject are held up for ridicule?

Perhaps anyone with an Arabic sounding name could be pictured as an ayatollah.

Cartoons of this type are not humor. They represent Mr. Snyder's prejudices in pictorial form. In printing material like this, youpromote bigotry of a subtle but effective type.

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