From The Sun Sept. 15-21, 1841Sept. 15: On Monday, a Negro...


September 15, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Sept. 15-21, 1841

Sept. 15: On Monday, a Negro man named John, the property of Mr. John Henderson, of Newton, Worcester County, Md., was brought before the court at Philadelphia, as a runaway slave. The fact was abundantly proved to the court, and he was ordered to be given up to his master.

Sept. 18: We learn that a duel took place on Tuesday last, near Elk Ridge Landing, between a gentleman from Philadelphia and an officer of the U.S. Navy.

From The Sun Sept. 15-21, 1891

Sept. 15: The sale of pews at the new temple of the Baltimore Temple Hebrew Congregation, Madison Avenue and Robert Street, began last night. The building was filled with people and the bidding at times was very active.

Sept. 17: Ocean City -- The season has virtually closed at Ocean City, and it has been the best one the hotels have had for many years. They all made some money.

From The Sun Sept. 15-21, 1941:

Sept. 15: Washington -- William S. Knudsen, director general of the OPM, asserted tonight that even an extra fifteen minutes' work by every American would step up arms production so much it would bring about Hitler's defeat and cut short the duration of the war.

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