NFL owners OK plan to further revenue sharing

September 14, 1991

NFL owners meeting in Grapevine, Texas, yesterday approved a resolution for additional revenue sharing, a step toward the opening of negotiations with representatives for NFL players on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Franchises already split network television revenues equally. This proposal provides for additional sharing of home gates, local television and radio contracts, and other incomes.

Harold Henderson, the owners' negotiator, said he expects to make contact soon with the New York City law firm that represents the players in antitrust litigation against the NFL.

Owners are expected to offer a two-tier system of unrestricted free agency, a salary cap (estimated at $28 million to $30 million), a rookie wage and bonus scale and an increased benefits package.

The salary cap is tied to additional revenue sharing as a way to further equalize incomes between smaller markets like Green Bay, Wis., and Cincinnati and large markets in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

* REDSKINS: Safety Terry Hoage missed practice again with a sore back and coach Joe Gibbs downgraded him to questionable for tomorrow's game against the Phoenix Cardinals. Gibbs said a decision won't be made until before the game, but Hoage may wind up being placed on the inactive list for the game.

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