NCAA will look to dial some Shoremen answers

September 13, 1991|By Paul McMullen | Paul McMullen,Evening Sun Staff

Washington College, which reported possible violations in it tennis programs to the NCAA in July, expects a visit from a representative of that body in the coming weeks.

Washington athletic director Geoff Miller said an internal investigation of the tennis teams uncovered possible violations of NCAA rules.

Miller declined to comment on the nature of the alleged $l violations. Fred Wyman, who was relieved of his duties as head men's coach in June, said there were questions about players' long-distance telephone calls and living arrangements, but denied any wrongdoing.

"As I understand it, there are questions about players making phone calls to their homes from my office," said Wyman, who practices dentistry in Chestertown. "Also, players living in an apartment above my office came into question."

Washington made its sixth consecutive NCAA Division III tournament appearance under Wyman last spring. The Shoremen roster included players from the Soviet Union, Mexico and Argentina, and the top women's player was from South Africa. Wyman said that further overseas recruiting contacts were made through the homes of players already at Washington, and said that he, and not his players, made those calls.

"The [Washington] administration assumed the calls made to our players' homes were for their personal use," Wyman said. "I feel we never received due process. We don't even know exactly what the charges are."

On June 14, Wyman and women's coach Holly Bramble were relieved of their duties by Miller, who cited an in-house study calling for all Washington head coaches to be full-time employees of the college. Tom Finnegan, the head men's coach from 1975-85, then reassumed responsibility of both programs, with soccer coach Todd Helbling serving as his assistant.

Next month, Finnegan will begin work on his 22nd season as the Shoremen basketball coach. He is also an associate professor of physical education and associate athletic director.

Wyman said that none of the tennis players he and Bramble recruited will play for Washington this year. Finnegan said "we'll have at least six players on each team," and that both teams would attempt to play three practice matches this fall.

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