Illusion5)"Ain't no livin' with the man -- nodivorcin...

September 13, 1991|By Robin Stratton



"Ain't no livin' with the man -- no

divorcin' either. Ya gotta have a body

t' ease yer needs from time to time. Y'know,

it jes' ain't right t' be alone. E's shoddy

but better'n nothin' I guess. It's queer, 'e

ain't bad when 'e ain't drunk -- I al'as think

it'll be diff'rent when 'e don't drink."

A celebration of


V's of geese against a sherbet sky, the

vesper song of doves at dusk, cascades of

bridal wreath in May, and star-shaped pods

of columbine that rattle in the wind like

elfin toys; narcissus standing sentinel at

dawn; a satin rosebud jeweled in dew,

the fox who gambols through the field, a

wide-eyed buck or doe; maple trees that

clap their leaves, surrounding me with

symphonies of praise.

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