Ask this Roseanne to parties and you'll get a real pig

September 13, 1991|By Arizona Republic

Meet Roseanne, the capitalist pig.

Roseanne, a miniature African porker who makes $75 a night, is the ham of Party Pigs, a business that rents her out for birthdays, bachelor parties, "Piggygrams" or other special occasions.

"Pigs are so lovable, and Roseanne is part of my family," said Barbara Akin, 39, of Phoenix.

Ms. Akin, who is blind, began the business in February after being laid off from her job as a food broker.

"I just took the knowledge that I have with other animals and put it into my piggy," said Ms. Akin.

Roseanne, who cost about $1,500, can make about $400 a week. took Ms. Akin two months to train the porker to dance, play a miniature piano and ride a skateboard.

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