Severna Park Group Urges Single District

Neighborhoods Council Opposes Redistricting

September 12, 1991|By Robert Lee | Robert Lee,Staff writer

The Greater Severna Park Council strongly opposes redistricting plans that do not keep Severna Park in a single County Council district.

The council of neighborhoods voted overwhelmingly Tuesday night tooppose expanding the districts from seven to nine. It also blasted the county Charter Revision Commission's separate proposal for seven new County Council districts.

Because Republican Diane Evans' 5th Council District grew fastestduring the past decade, about 7,000 residents will be shifted to another district to equalize populations in County Council districts. The 5th District is made up of Severna Park and the Broadneck peninsula.

The redistricting is required to even districts out, based on Census Bureau figures.

The Charter Revision Commission has recommended putting Berrywood, Magothy Forest and Stewart's Landing (precincts5-10 and 5-14) into District 3, represented by Republican Carl "Dutch" Holland.

The two precincts are bordered on the west by Ritchie Highway, on the south by Route 648 and Cattail Creek, and on the north by the Magothy River.

"The thought process was we had to lose somebody out of District 5. And we thought at least these two districtshave some reason to congeal into one waterfront and new development-oriented neighborhoods in (District) 3," said Mark Anderson, a commission member from Severna Park.

Both east Severna Park precincts already are represented by Pasadena-area delegates, but the GSPC revolted against the proposal to move them into Pasadena's council districtas well.

Led by delegates from the affected communities, the council unanimously endorsed a resolution to keep the entire 63-neighborhood association in one council district. The community delegates say they want their government representation to remain from the Severna Park area.

"I would urge you to help us stay in Severna Park," said Maria Eynck of Berrywood. Eynck and Peter Cooper of Stewart's Landing said east Severna Park does not share cultural or political interests with Pasadena.

Lower Magothy's Ted Connell and Northern Severna Park's Tom Magette both said the council's top priority should be keeping the traditional boundaries of Severna Park together. They suggested the GSPC should sacrifice a western precinct -- including Hillendale, half of Shipley's Choice, and a piece of Chartwell -- to 4th Council District.

But George Cumberledge of Brightview, who heads aseparate federation including Shipley's Choice, suggested that part of the Broadneck peninsula be split from the existing County Council district instead.

A motion to drop the Amberly, Beachwood and St. Margaret's area of Broadneck (precincts 5-1 and 5-20), instead of east Severna Park, passed 28-to-2 with six abstentions. The GSPC does not represent southern Broadneck.

Margarett Whilden, president of the Broadneck Federation, busily polled her executive committee and Amberly area residents for a reaction to the GSPC proposal yesterday, but could not predict how federation members would react to a proposal to put them in District 6, which includes Annapolis.

Anderson, a member of the redistricting commission, said the five-member panel will consider the GSPC's position at the Sept. 18 public hearing in Annapolis.

However, he said that the commission would have to balance the GSPC's position with proposal from the Broadneck Federation and other neighborhood organizations.

Anderson was one of two commission members who opposed the nine-district configuration recommended by the advisory Charter Revision Commission last month, saying it would "eviscerate" Severna Park into three different County Council districts.

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