Mayfield Pupils' Safety

Readers write

September 11, 1991

From: Dan Goulette


Mayfield Avenue Community Association

As schools open around the county, we all celebrate the start of a new school year. We in theMayfield Avenue area are especially proud of the all-new Mayfield Woods Middle School in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the opening has been flawed by a lack of responsibility on the part of the county.

Many of the children in our area will have to cross Mayfield Avenue to get to school. Our association has continually aired the concern to the county over the lack of a safe way to go to and from school.

We have written the Department of Public Works numerous times. We have been told we cannot have speed bumps, speed dips, stop signs and a crossing guard. They were supposed to get back to us about the possibility of at least a well-marked crosswalk and school signs but never did.

We also went through (Councilwoman) Shane Pendergrass' office, but they have not had any luck getting a response either.

The PTA has also pursued the problem from its end. The county busing people have said that they will solve the problem by picking up the affected students who have to cross Mayfield Avenue and taking them theshort distance to school on the other side of the road. To do this the kids must report to the designated bus stops, which are on the opposite side of Mayfield Avenue! Great solution!

It is truly amazingthat the county went to all the trouble of building the school but did not finish the job. Unless you have been to the school, you would not even know that a school was in the area, except for a 1-by-3-footsign that is only 2 feet off the ground.

Mayfield Avenue is a main thoroughfare between Route 108 and U.S. 1. The posted speed limit is 30 mph, but Howard County police using radar traps have tracked numerous cars doing 60 mph. Unfortunately, these kids will be going to school about the same time as all the commuters, who are rushing in a daze to work.

So my statement to the county is: "You have told us what we can't have, so tell us what you are going to do to help our kids get to school!"

We hereby go on record as stating that we holdthe county totally responsible for any tragedies that may occur nearthis new school that result from the negligence of the county to respond to such a blatant safety problem. Get with the program and get the crosswalk and signs in now!


From: David P. Maier


I've been watching the political goings-on with much interest over the past several years. The recent political "tug of war" between the Republicans and the Democrats compels me to comment.

Your article concerning the "Democrats' plan" did a terrible disservice to your newspaper. Specifically, allowing ex-Councilman Lloyd Knowles to be quoted as saying, "It is very important not to allow the Republicans to turn the county over to developers, which seems to be their history," without rebuttal, comment or effort by yourreporter to verify information printed.

Is it your policy to print outrageous lies? Do you have a political agenda which supports Mr. Knowles, or are you trying to do him in?

I have lived in Howard County my entire life. My clear recollection is that our county government has been controlled by Democrats for over 20 years. Mr. Knowles "served" on the council for three terms, controlling the manner in which Howard County has been developed.

When did growth begin racing out of control? When did the roads get so congested? Why were our years of surplus revenues squandered instead of saved so our county could survive during hard economic times? Why was the Bobo administrationvoted out of office?

Who knows the answers to these questions -- Lloyd Knowles! It is a shame that Knowles would choose to use redistricting to completely ruin his reputation. One would have to view any of his future statements as self-serving, blatantly partisan grandstanding, lacking credibility.

Your reporter should have done more tosave Lloyd Knowles from himself. Watching the political death of a man is hard to swallow.

All politicians should learn a lesson from this sad case. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, we are a government "of the people, by the people and for the people." Truth and honesty will always keep your credibility intact.

Councilmen -- are you listening?

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