Spare $15,000 In Crofton Coffer Hasn't Found A Home

September 11, 1991|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff writer

Trying to decide how to spend $15,000 isn't always easy, just ask the Crofton Civic Association.

The group had to form a committee to study the alternatives after members failed to reach a consensus at Monday night's meeting.

The windfall comes from an agreement between a developer and the county over community improvements the developer promised to make.

Association members debated ideas ranging from building new sidewalks along Route 424 to doing curb and gutter work throughout the special tax district to enlarging and paving the parking lot at a baseball field.

But in the end, nothing was resolved. "We can't decide tonight," said Ed Dosek, the association president. "We would like to resolve this as soon as we can."

It all started this spring, when Chateau Builders, a Columbia developer, got approval to build a 77-home subdivision called the Willows of Crofton off Route 450 near Tarrytown Avenue.

The county told the developers to widen Tarrytown Avenue, but residents complained and the civic association got county officials to change their mind. The county told Chateau Builders to spend the road improvement money on other community improvements.

HaroldParis, development vice president for Chateau Builders, came to Monday's meeting and suggested the money be spent on sidewalks, but he didn't get much support from association members.

Paris said he could build a 100-foot sidewalk along Crofton Parkway near the Village Green and a 500-foot sidewalk along the north side of Route 424, from Seton Drive to the Crofton Middle School.

He also said he would pave the parking lot at Hardy Field, off Route 424. But he disagreed with Town Manager Jordan Harding whether the parking lot is included in the $15,000 or a bonus to be thrown in by the developer.

Paris told the association that improvements must be done on county property, and the county transportation department has final say on where the money is spent. He said the county liked the sidewalk idea.

But Harding and Dosek had another suggestion: curb and gutter work along community roadways. Harding said the county is scheduled to build some of the sidewalks this fall.

"They are going to do it anyway," he said, adding that the county is trying to save itself $15,000 by using the developer's money.

"We don't have a problem with that," Paris said. "It's how the county traffic department feels about it."

Butboard member Jerry Kull said he didn't like the sidewalk plan because the improvements wouldn't help the section of Crofton affected by the development.

"It is the south end that is being impacted," he said. "The improvements are for the east end and the north end of Crofton. Anything we do should be done for the people who are being impacted."

But Kathy Puhak questioned how the civic association would decide which curbs and gutters get repaired. "If we can't do everyone's sidewalk, we shouldn't do it at all."

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