CLARENCE Du Burns beat Kurt Schmoke by 150 votes in WCBM's...

UP and DOWN with Baltimore

September 09, 1991|By Mike Bowler

CLARENCE Du Burns beat Kurt Schmoke by 150 votes in WCBM's mock election at the State Fair. Republican candidate Joseph A. Scalia got 20 votes fewer than "none of the above." In the U.S. Senate race, Helen Bentley got 762 votes to Barbara Mikulski's 516. For president, George Bush walloped Mario Cuomo, 760-228. Asked if the economy is improving, 866 fair-goers said no, and 465 said yes.

Twice this summer, groups of Maryland junior high school-agkids visited the city as part of a two-week educational trip on the Chesapeake for gifted and talented youth.

Twice the groups visited Middle Branch Park and spent an hour cleaning up the shoreline.

Twice the students and their counselors found the shoreline strewn with discarded hypodermic needles.

Wish list from Our Daily Bread: sugar, peanut butter, jellyspaghetti sauce, powdered drink mixes (iced tea, etc.), aluminum foil, sandwich bags, brown lunch bags, No. 10 cans of pudding and fruit, small bars of soap, small tubes of toothpaste, regular bus tokens, disposable razors, sun screen lip balm, sun screen lotion.

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