Schmoke's DutyEditor: I find it amazing that Roger Simon's...


September 09, 1991

Schmoke's Duty

Editor: I find it amazing that Roger Simon's Sept. 4 column praises Mayor Kurt Schmoke's "successful dull-by-design" campaign strategy. Mr. Simon's comment that the low-key campaign emphasized meetings between Mr. Schmoke and the electorate just illustrates that the columnist is out of touch with the real world.

The dull campaign is an irrelevant issue. What is far more important is that our mayor refuses to debate against other candidates for his office. According to reports in The Sun, his campaign manager says the mayor simply cannot fit the debate into his schedule. I compare it to a situation in which a corporate CEO chooses not to address shareholders at the company's annual meeting because "he can't find the time."

Mr. Schmoke's arrogant and unresponsive attitude is appalling. As a Baltimore City resident, my taxes pay his salary. In my view, he owes it to his constituents to discuss the last four years, as well as his plans for the next four, should he win the election.

If Mr. Schmoke were as smart as Mr. Simon seems to think he is, he could use the debate as a forum to combat the very negative attitudes toward his tenure that permeate this city. However, it seems clear that with less than a week remaining before the election, Mr. Schmoke won't be educating city residents with anything besides canned commercials. Such a waste.

Carolyn S. Brown.



Editor: The Hoes Heights community applauds the timely evaluation of the Fifth District City Council "team," particularly the reference to the councilwomen's handling of the Green Spring Dairy development process.

The pain inflicted upon us because of their irresponsibility and misrepresentation of the citizens of this community lingers. The blight of the dairy property continues to remind us that even after the bill's passage by the City Council our neighborhood has been voiceless.

We are looking forward to conscientious support and representation by the councilpersons in the Fourth District, into which we were redistricted, and are hopeful that our voices will now be heard.

!Christine H. Franklin.


The writer is president of the Hoes Heights Improvement


Rights of Humans

Editor: The waiting room of one of the nation's large hospitals renowned for care and research, particularly in transplants and cancer, is filled with concerned faces.

As I wait, too, I am reminded of science news articles that have only recently reported on the role that animals play in medical breakthroughs. One written by Thomas H. Maugh II concerning research on rats that will open the door to potential treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Another is a new anti-rejection drug, developed by a Japanese scientist using dogs and mice, that seems to be an improvement over what is now being used.

We read of these wonderful advancements, accepting and expecting them without being conscious of the role animals must play in the development.

There needs to be a public awakening to the ever-growing threat from the animal rights movement and to the devastating effect it is having on medical research. Their agenda goes way beyond humane treatment, calling for the complete halt of animal research.

A remark by one of the animal rights leaders, that ''a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy,'' should send fear and apprehension through anyone who can imagine the consequences of such thinking.

Virtually no major treatment or procedure in modern medicine could have been developed without animal research. The many tragic illnesses and accidents that cause untold suffering demand that we support, protect and encourage medical research.



Politics Stinks

Editor: I agree 1,000 percent with your Aug. 28 editorial concerning the usual blatant, self-serving and selfish actions of the Governor's Redistricting Advisory Committee.

This proposed rape and dismemberment of Baltimore County should not be allowed to go unchecked. Countians deserve a better fate (and so do those citizens of the Eastern Shore).

But remember, there wasn't much of an outcry when the area of Howard County, where I've lived for 40 years, was made part of a district with sections of Baltimore County and with a main base in Baltimore City.

I admire Rep. Benjamin Cardin and am satisfied with his representation of me and mine. But I think it is more of a happenstance that we have someone of his caliber. There are some good people who care but, sadly, for the most part Maryland politics still stinks.

Ellison F. Moss.


No 'Cadets' Here

Editor: Shame on you. For the second time this summer (Maryland section, Aug. 17), you referred to the young men and women at the Naval Academy as "cadets."

You can properly call them "midshipmen," "mids" or "middies," but never "cadets." Cadets are the men and women at West Point.

!Patricia Gray Di Rito.

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