Atholton Raiders

1991 Boys Soccer Preview

September 08, 1991

Coach: Reg Hahne (third year)

1990 record: 12-3-1 overall, 3-3-1 league (state Class 2A champions)

Returnees: Seniors: Tony Dedmond (F), Brian Burke (M/D), David Kelley (M), John Walter (M), James Waddy (D); juniors: Alex Denno (D), Brian Yankle (M), Jeff May (M), Eric Black (F); sophomore, Tim Whitcome (F).

Newcomers: Juniors: Adam Miceli (G), Josh Seidman (G), John Wright (D), Darren Krieger (D), Scott Sauber (F), Dave Bowyer (D); sophomores: Kevin Pryse (D ), Adam Shaivitz (M), Alex Trent (M).

Coach's outlook: "We're a well-balanced team with quality players, andto repeat as state champs would be wonderful."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Raiders have enough talent to go all the way again, but a much tougher schedule and the graduation of outstanding goalie KoriHunter won't make it an easy task.


Coach: Bill Stara (11th year)

1990 record: 11-2-1 overall, 5-1-1 league

Returnees: Seniors: Josh Baer (M), Eric Tischer (M), Cullen Meade (D), Tod Downen (M), Burke Drain (D), Evan Peverly (D), Mark Corrier (G); juniors, Chris Arcella (M), Mike Resau (M), Rehan Gill (F), Werner Krueger (F), Chris Leinenweber (D), John Campbell (M).

Newcomers: Juniors: Warren Grace (D), David Kirk (M); sophomores: Randy Sleight (D), Allen Alejandro (F), Morgan Kershner (M), Keith Cormier (F), Dan Christine (G); freshmen: Chris Dramby (F), Brock Yetso (G).

Coach's outlook: "We lost eight starters, but we'll be extremely competitive with a good blend of young and old."

Howard County Sun outlook: This is the team to beat, with excellent returning players. The Eagles'last state title was in 1987. Look for the Eagles to rack up anotherone.


Coach: John Bouman (third year)

1990 record: 6-6 overall, 2-5 league

Returnees: Seniors: Matt Drummand (F), Daryl Dunigan (D), Steve Schaefer (D ), Jaime Boyle (G); juniors:Scott Cline (M), Dan Gaertner (M), Renard Brown (M), Russell Payne (G), Jamie Brinker (D), Chris Vaccari (F), Keever Frye (D), Matt Scott(M), Marc Rey (M), Jeff Welkos (D), Dwight Bates (D), Ian Timourin (F).

Coach's outlook: "This is our most talented, skilled team ever, and we can beat any team we play."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Gladiators had their first non-losing season last year, and their record should continue to improve. They finally have ample talent. Nowthey need the confidence to overcome a losing tradition.


Coach: Rich Corkran (second year)

1990 record: 3-6-3 overall, 1-5-1 league

Returnees: Seniors: Brian Thierrin (F/D), Jeff Mitchell (M), Andrew Langsam (M), Eric Brown (F), Mike Hess (M), Steve Marucci (M); juniors: Tom Lea (M), Brian Messick (D), Nyema Barnes (F),Joe Brewer (D), Vince D'Antuono (M); sophomore, Adam Beach (G).

Newcomers: Juniors: Craig Tucci (M), Matt Bachinski (D), Jason Thomas (M), Kerry Ireland (G); sophomores: Tucker Peterson (D), Ryan Pollock(M/D).

Coach's outlook: "We'll be improved over last year, and much depends upon our work habits in practice and our desire to succeed."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Bears tied three games and lost twice in overtime last year. With 12 lettermen back, their luck in the close games should improve.


Coach: Rudy Storch (sixth year)

1990 record: 11-1-1 overall, 6-0-1 league (county champs)

Returnees: Seniors: James Morrow (G), Paul McNeeley (M), Randy Zilbro (M), Jarrod Moreland (D), Mark Osterman (D), John Condon (M); juniors: Matt McNeeley (M), Keith Nelka (D), Jason Yancey (M), Jason Shefrin (G).

Newcomers: Juniors: Matt Kahn (M), Eric Polgar (M), Yoost Mignerick (M), Jeff Casey (M); sophomore, John Bakst (M); freshmen: Mike Bagrosky (D), Chris Dodson (F).

Coach's outlook: "We want to make the playoffs and will be stressing defense to do that."

Howard County Sun outlook: The two-time defending county champion Lions have the best record in the metro area over the past two seasons, so don't underestimate them. With 10 lettermen, they remain a dangerous team.


Coach: Ron Martin (first year)

1990 record: 3-9 overall, 1-6 league

Returnees: Seniors: Eric Morchauster (D), Tom Huppman (F), Matt Stromberg (D), Howard Fintuch (D), DougSmith (D), Eric Mone (F), Ki Han (F), Mike Pasquantonio (F); sophomores, Todd Fuhrmann (G), Jeff Nilprabhassom (M).

Newcomers: Senior,Eric Seiler (D); juniors, Eric Warthall (G), Sung Woo ( D), Rick Plenge (D), Eric Helms (M), Greg Thomas (M); sophomore, Matt Eaton (D); freshman, Scott Baughman (M/F).

Coach's outlook: "We have some talented players and our goal is to make the playoffs."

Howard CountySun outlook: Look for an improved record.


Coach: Don Shea (sixth year)

1990 record: 14-2 overall, 6-1 league (state Class 3A champs)

Returnees: Seniors: Lopaka Trout (F), Jeff Mascott (D), Sean Gorman (M), Richie Watson (G); juniors: Jay Holmes (D), Henry Roh (F), Jason Kranefeld (G), Cian Dane (M); sophomores: Tedy Lawler (M), Rob Severn (D), Brendt Mascott (D).

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