Should A Record Be Kept Of Judges' Sentences?

September 08, 1991

Delegate Richard C. Matthews, R-Carroll, said he will re-introduce legislation to keep a public record of sentences imposed by each Appeals, Circuit and District Court judge for serious and violent crimes. His proposal requires the Administrative Office of the Courts to compile and maintain a register (available to the public) that contains arecord of sentences: for the Court of Appeals, votes on death penalty cases; for Circuit Court, the sentence imposed for crimes of violence in non-jury trials; for District Court, the sentence imposed for drunken driving offenses.

Do you agree with the proposal? Why or why not? Should more types of crimes be included in the bill? What are your thoughts on sentencing?

Mail your comments (you may use additional sheets of paper) to: News ballot, Carroll County Sun, 15 E. Main St., Westminster, 21157-5052; or fax it to us at 876-0233.

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