Annapolis Panthers

Anne Arundel County Boys Soccer At A Glance

September 08, 1991

Head coach: David Gehrdes (seventh season)

Assistant coaches: TomCordts and Tom Cox

1990 record: 5-6-1

Returnees: Seniors Jak Karl (G), Jason Ostrum (HB), Jesse Simmerman (HB) and Kevin Owen (striker); juniors Ted Bromberg (HB) and Lars Schultz (HB)

Newcomers: Juniors Craig Harrison (FB), Lawrence Gensler (FB) and Scott LeRoux (FB); sophomore DavidWinegrad (FB); freshman Ryan Sears (striker)

Coach's outlook: "We're just so young this year, it'll take us some time to develop. We're pretty strong at halfback. They're going to have to be the leaders offensively, and Jak will anchor us defensively. All of our fullbacksare underclassmen, so Jak will have to provide leadership. I can saythat we've been doing rather well in scrimmages. It's going to be tough though: Severna Park has such a solid squad coming back, and Broadneck will be really competitive."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The beginning and the end of the season look to be the toughest forthe Panthers. Their first two opponents are 1990 playoff participants Broadneck and North County, while upstart Meade and Severna Park will wind things down for Gehrdes' troops, who haven't seen playoff action since the fall of 1983. Annapolis' young defensive players will have to grow up in a hurry, or they may not even last year's mark.


Head coach: Brad Rivera (third season)

Assistant coach: Joe Copolla

1990 record: 9-5-3

Returnees: Seniors Patrick Mohr (striker-MF), Todd Swann (sweeper), Tom Rielly (MF), Mickey Wist (MF-striker), Chris Badaczewski (G) and Kenny Smith (stopper); juniors Javi Rivera (striker-MF), David Tomaszewski (FB) and Zachary Woods (FB-HB)

Newcomers: Sophomores Michael Mazzola (HB), Fabian Dilaimy (G) and Brian Mohr (FB)

Coach's outlook: "I have good hopes that we can win it (the Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference title) this year. I'm not saying that we will, but the chances are weare as competitive as anyone. We have a strong group of seniors. Last year was our first year in the A Conference, and we made it to the playoffs and that was a great feeling. This year is our year. If we don't do it this season for whatever reason, it will be a while beforewe ever do win anything."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Cavaliers have the talent and the depth offensively to match up with any of their A Conference foes, but in order for them to stay in the running for the highly coveted A Conference crown they are going to need to excel defensively. Mohr will provide Spalding with plenty of offensive firepower, but it's up to the defense to alleviate some of thepressure on its star striker.


Head coach: Nick Jauschnegg (14th season)

Assistant coaches: Ben Seidenstein and John Malecki

1990 record: 6-6

Returnees: Seniors Shawn Gray (striker), Tony Fiaschetti (striker), Craig Dorsey (striker), Brian Nehman (G) and Chad Minnigh (HB); junior Jon Nichols (HB)

Newcomers: Juniors Rob Greenip (HB), Darren Sweeney (FB-striker), Matt Durose (FB), Mike Stull (FB-HB), Darren Hornick (FB-HB) and Matt Sakal (HB); sophomore Matt Warner (FB-HB)

Coach's outlook: "Right now, I'm not evensure of who's going to be in my starting lineup and that's due to our inexperience. We could have anywhere from one to five seniors in the lineup. In order for us to make the playoffs, we have to beat the good teams, not just the average teams. I'd give us a 50-50 shot at making it (to the playoffs). So far (during preseason scrimmages) we'veplayed well at times, and other times we haven't. We're not as bad as we look sometimes, we just have to find some consistency."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: On paper, Arundel will be fighting along with North County and South River for the Bay Division championship. The Wildcats should attain a winning season, but they may be nudged out for a postseason berth.


Head coach: Kevin McMullen (10th season)

Assistant coaches: Mark Stover and V. J. Keith

1990 record: 9-3-4, Region IV champions, lost to Bowie in overtime, 2-1, in Class 4A state final

Returnees: Seniors Matt Weimer (striker), Jeff Vincent (CHB), Dave Apple (sweeper), Mike Smith (G), Brenden Collins (FB), John Hannah (FB), Mark Patrick (stopper), Andy Ryan(CHB), Josh Jefferds (striker), Aaron Reinhart (MF), Mike Meals (MF)and Brandan Tucker (MF); junior Kevin Davis (FB)

Newcomers: Seniors Tim Langen (striker) and Thorston Strickland (FB); juniors Rob Eckman (HB), Brian Berger (HB), Dave Terry (G), Bill Samples (FB), Ian Brooks (MF), Kurt Perruccio (FB), Chris Williams (striker), Tavio D'Archangelo (striker) and Andrew Paez (FB)

Coach's outlook: "I think we're going to be very competitive and if a couple of things fall into place, I think we'll be right in the middle of things. But the region championship again goes through Severna Park. We play in what might be the toughest region in the whole metropolitan area. There are nooff nights."

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