City Council -- 5th District Candidates City Primary Election/fifth Council District

September 08, 1991


V. Lee Brady Jr.

Age: 32

Neighborhood: Pimlico.

Occupation: Advertising; project coordinator for Abercrombie & Simms.

Education: Maryland Institute of Art; Community College of

Baltimore, A.A.; Towson State University, B.S.

Experience in community groups, activities: Boy Scouts of America, National Association of the Blind, American Vocational


Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Drugs, crime, housing and unemployment are significant. In the face of budget cuts, longer workdays, getting the communities together with its full strength to combat such problems and/or to aid its individuals to successful accomplishments is most significant. If elected, I would initiate a program called "Share the Experience." This is a simple program in which a data base is created, which allows a person with a problem to talk directly by telephone with someone who has

successfully solved that same type of problem.

Isaiah C. Fletcher Sr.

Age: 63

Neighborhood: Upper Park Heights.

Occupation: Semiretired.

Education: Morgan State College, A.B., English, 1951-1956; Harvard University, M.Ed. guidance and counseling, 1961.

Experience in community groups, activities: Baltimore Urban League, Baltimore Association for Retarded Citizens; Baltimore chapter, American Red Cross; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ACTSO program; Dulaney Valley Symphony Society; Park Heights Community Corp.

Other political offices: Was appointed director of human

development by then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer.

Most significant issue: Ethnic-racial polarization is growing and threatens to keep Baltimore a divided city. I would have a series of intercommunity forums at which people-to-people relations would be discussed, with a view toward the development of better understanding among people of varying backgrounds and Bwhy such understanding is important to the viability of the city.

*Vera P. Hall

Age: 54

Neighborhood: Hillsdale Heights.

Occupation: State relations director at Morgan State University; City Council member.

Education: Coppin State College, B.S., education, 1958-1962; M.A., education (reading), Towson State College, 1970-1971; other graduate courses and workshops in child development and language arts at Loyola College, Johns Hopkins University, Towson State University and Morgan State University.

Experience in community groups, activities: Board member, Literacy Corp., Community Development Financing Corp.; member, League of Women Voters, Harbor City Links, John Hickey School Task Force, BLEWS, Task Force for Conference on Violence and Extremism; charter member, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Baltimore chapter.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: For Hall, Reeves, and Spector, the most significant issue will be the city's inability to provide services at 00 expected levels. We need to find alternative funding, new taxing techniques and consider privatization. We support recommendations of the Linowes commission. We resist federal and state mandates that come without funding attached.

Delores V. Hospedales

(No reply)

Michael E. Johnson

Age: 36

Neighborhood: Pimlico.

Occupation: Self-employed, dry cleaners.

Education: University of Maryland at College Park, 1974-1976; Morgan State University, 1977-1978, major in speech communication.

Experience in community groups, activities: Founder, Friends of Lucille Park-Northwest Baltimore; founder, Teens in Business, 1987; founder, Jackie Robinson Youth Softball League, 1989; co-founder, Walk Up and Save drug-abuse program, 1987; supervisor, census field operations, 1990; former board member, MTA Advisory Commission, 1984-1985; member, Park Heights Action Board, 1983-present; involved with Feed a Family All Year, 1988-present; member, Northwest Sports Association, 1978-present; supports Baltimore City Homeowners Coalition for Fair Property Taxes; also supports groups for lower insurance fees; board member, Save Another Youth, 1985-present.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Crime begins all other problems. People who do not feel good about a community because of crime will not feel good about education. Our taxes go up to fight crime and the problems associated with crime. I would address and demand a full press on crime -- shut down the corners where drugs are sold; work with our state representatives to come up with tough laws to combat crime and the problems associated with crime. Our taxes, our insurance, our children's and our city's futures are at risk. Time to talk is over, time to act is now.

Harold W. McFadden

(No reply)

*Iris G. Reeves

Age: 51

Neighborhood: Fairmount.

Occupation: City Council member.

Education: Howard University, B.S., 1961.

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