City Council Third District Candidates City Primary Election/third Council District

September 08, 1991



Robert Reuter

Age: 43

Neighborhood: Belair-Edison.

Occupation: Rehabilitation/transportation consulting engineer with Access Systems.

Education: University of Maryland, B.A., 1975.

Experience in community groups, activities: Vice-president, Baltimore Area Transit Association; board of directors, Baltimoreans Against Disability Discrimination; Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: All citizens have a right to equality -- equality in opportunity for education, employment, jobs, etc. This goes hand-in-hand with responsibility to each other, community and city. A proper education for all children, and a fair opportunity for employment equals more people working and paying taxes and fewer needing services.

James W. Sims-El

Age: 46

Neighborhood: Ednor Gardens/Lakeside.

Occupation: Auto assembler (replacement operator) for General Motors.

Education: Community College of Baltimore, A.A., planning assistant, 1973; Morgan State University, B.S., urban studies, 1987.

Experience in community groups, activities: Northwood Athletic Association, area P.T.A. groups, Cloverdale Athletic Club.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: The most significant issue facing the constituents of the 3rd District is crime. I will introduce/support legislation to reduce the number of handguns and automatic weapons on the streets of Baltimore and support stronger penalties for the use of such weapons in the commission of a crime.

Elaine E. Urbanski

Age: 36

Neighborhood: Bauernwood Avenue.

Occupation: Education and volunteer services administrator, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

Education: Catholic High School of Baltimore, 1973; Loyola College, B.A., 1980; Johns Hopkins University, Master of administrative science, 1984.

Experience in community groups, activities: Co-chair, Vocational Advisory Committee, Baltimore City schools, 1990; chair, fundraising, Northwest Citizens Patrol; current member, Greater Baltimore Committee's Job Readiness Task Force and Teacher Recruitment Committee; member, George St. Elementary Restructuring Team; past president, Maryland Volunteer Network.

Other political offices: n/a.

Most significant issue: Education is the most important issue facing Baltimore City. If elected, I would advocate and legislate the following: Decentralize -- All schools need to adopt school-based management. We need to put more resources and central-office staff back into the classrooms. Train teachers, parents, business and community members in site-based management and in how to prepare our children to live and work in the 21st century.


George E. Brent

Age: 53

Neighborhood: Better Waverly.

Occupation: Administrator, employed by mayor and City Council Baltimore.

Education: No response.

Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Better Waverly community; worked with community groups throughout Baltimore as director of community relations for the office of the president of the City Council.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Major problems are maintaining basic services while balancing the budget and giving taxpayers the relief of continued assessment tax caps/gradual property tax reduction. As a member of the City Council, I would bring 12 years of experience with city government, as a Health Department administrator and as director of community affairs for the office of the president of the City Council. In many cases, using what we have will maintain services while allowing us to reduce spending.

Phillip A. Brown Jr.

Age: 37

Neighborhood: Northeast Baltimore

Occupation: No response.

Education: No response.

Experience in community groups, activities: No response.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: No response.

*Wilbur E. Bill Cunningham

Age: 41

Neighborhood: Ednor Gardens.

Occupation: Full-time Baltimore City Council member.

Education: Towson State University, B.S, 1971; University of Baltimore, Master of Public Administration, 1978.

Experience in community groups, activities: Board member, Harford Road-Belair Road Community Mental Health Center; faculty, Taft Institute of Government; president, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside Civic Association; co-founder and coordinator, Stadium Modernization Committee; co-chairman, Stadium Neighborhoods Coalition; board of directors, Stadium Task Force; Housing Committee chairman and board of governors, Citizens Housing and Planning Association; director, Northeast Real Estate Conservation Project.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: While education will continue to be my overriding concern, the residents of the new 3rd District are extremely concerned about crime. After years of study I introduced legislation calling for Community Oriented Police Enforcement. My COPE proposal was adopted by the Police Department, and I will work toward its successful implementation to decrease crime.

*Martin E. Mike Curran

Age: 56

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