City Council -- 2nd District Candidates City Primary Election/second Council District

September 08, 1991


*Anthony J. Ambridge

Age: 41

Neighborhood: Wyman Park.

Occupation: City Council member.

Education: University of Maryland, 1969-1972; University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, B.S., pharmacy and management science, 1972-1973.

Experience in community groups, activities: Chairman of City Council Land Use and Labor committees; member of Baltimore Planning Commission, Baltimore Regional Council of Governments and Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas Commission; past president of Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse Inc., member of Governor's Council on Homelessness and many community groups.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: We must improve public education, reduce crime and lower property taxes. In particular, quality education will ultimately encourage economic development; it is the key to our future. Our schools will only be improved through an increased investment by all state residents, and by the empowerment of parents and teachers through school restructuring.

Paige McKinley Beckwith

(No reply)

Peter Beilenson

Age: 31

Neighborhood: Guilford.

Occupation: Public health physician with Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

Education: Harvard College, A.B., 1981; Emory University School Aof Medicine, M.D., 1987; Johns Hopkins University, M.P.H., 1990.

Experience in community groups, activities: Public health physician in city clinics in East Baltimore; board of managers, Kernewood Community Association; co-chair, Harbel Youth Services Advisory Council.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: Maintaining and improving the quality of life in the city. We need to redirect our priorities toward preventive programs that address many of the problems facing the district and city -- crime, inadequate education, deteriorating housing. It is only by trying to intervene before these and other problems worsen that we will be able to improve the quality of life in the city.

Paula Johnson Branch

Age: No response.

Neighborhood: Berea.

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

Education: Three years of college with a major in business administration.

Experience in community groups, activities: Community activist for 20 years and community organizer to City Hall administrator; chairwoman, Berea Task Force; founder, Berea Outreach Center; chairwoman, East Baltimore Community Corp.; treasurer and former chairwoman, Eastern District Police Community Relations Council; recipient of numerous awards and citations for community service.

Other political offices: Now serving third elected term on Democratic State Central Committee, 45th Legislative District.

Most significant issue: The most significant issue facing my constituents is drug trafficking and the crime, health and other problems associated with it. If elected, I would continue to work closely with the Police Department, city service agencies, churches, businesses and community residents in formulating programs and strategies to address these concerns, and to seek financial and other resources needed to support all efforts.

Kevin Brown

Age: 31

Neighborhood: Mount Vernon.

Occupation: Press representative for Baltimore Center for the Performing Arts.

Education: Villa Julie College, 1978-1981; University of Baltimore, Experience in community groups, activities: Board member, Baltimore School for the Arts; member, Sexual Assault Recovery Center, Teen Outreach Program of the Junior League, Minority Arts Coalition of Maryland. Over the years, a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Kennedy Institute for Handicapped Children, House of Ruth and HERO, among others.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Further reducing local property tax rates and increasing police patrol in neighborhoods. I'd support 2nd District homeowners associations, emphasizing self-empowerment and examining the disproportionate taxation of real property in the city; also, the increase in crime mandates the evaluation and strategizing of public safety and improved resources in neighborhoods.

Leonard E. Cannady

Age: 51

Neighborhood: Kenwood.

Occupation: Political consultant for Eastwin Consultant Agency.

Education: High school graduate.

Experience in community groups, activities: Eastern District & Police Community Relations Council, Optimist Club of East Baltimore, Lakewood & Chase Community Association, Eastside Trash Busters.

Other political offices: Democratic State Central Committee, 45th Legislative District, 1982-1986.

Most significant issue: A rebuilding of large portions of the inner city is overdue, a massive redirection of funds away from downtown. The neglect of the inner city has produced a breeding ground for crime. A migration tax needs to be studied to halt the middle class from deserting the city.

Pamela Carter

Age: 37

Neighborhood: Oliver.

Occupation: Liaison representative and drug-prevention specialist.

Education: Coppin State College, B.S., social science/political science; M.S., rehabilitation counseling.

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