City Council -- 1st District Candidates City Primary Election/first Council District

September 08, 1991


John Cain

Age: 51

Neighborhood: Canton.

Occupation: Editor, on leave from the East Baltimore Guide.

Education: Concordia Collegiate Institute, two years.

Experience in community groups, activities: Waterfront Coalition, Canton-Highlandtown Community Association, Southeast Linkage Group, Baltimore Harbor Endowment, SET for Success, Painted Screen Society, Haller Post-American Legion, Glenham-Belford Community Association, Baltimore Heritage, Pagoda Commission, Friends of Patterson Park, Friends of President Street Station.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Property taxes. Weed out waste in city spending, i.e., Pulaski incinerator, give-aways to special interests, top-heavy bureaucracies and redirect that money to schools, libraries, recreation programs and centers, police and other quality of life problems forcing people to leave the city. Enough money can be redirected to help these programs and cut the property tax rate also.

*Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr.

Age: 33

Neighborhood: Belair-Edison.

Occupation: Vice president, Shocket's Discount Store.

Education: No response.

Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Highlandtown Merchants Association, Polish Home, Belair-Edison Improvement Association, Archbishop Curley Alumni Association, Canton-Highlandtown Community Association, Sons of Italy, United Democratic Club-26th Ward, Downtown Athletic Club, Sinclair Sports Association; past grand knight, Knights of Columbus; past president, Holy Name Society; coach, Little League and Youth Soccer.

Other political offices: State Central Committee, 46th District.

Most significant issue: Lowering the tax rate without reducing essential services. We need more community input into the budget process. I proposed legislation that would provide the city with a proportionate amount of the revenue from the state lottery. I intend to continue this effort. We need more users' fees. Those who use city services should pay for them. Surrounding counties have lower tax rates by using more volunteers from industry and community organizations. For example, Baltimore County Recreation Department programs are prospering while the city is closing rec centers. The reason: volunteer councils and community involvement.

Janet DeSantis

(No reply)

*Dominic "Mimi" DiPietro

Age: 86

Neighborhood: Highlandtown.

Occupation: City councilman.

Education: Fifth grade.

Experience in community groups, activities: All of my adult life I have been a member of various community, political, labor, social and business organizations.

Other political offices: Elected to State Central Committee, 1954.

Most significant issue: I strongly support hiring additional police officers. We need an increase in foot patrol men. I also believe in tougher penalties for criminals.

Richard Anthony Ingrao

Age: 28

Neighborhood: Little Italy.

Occupation: Lawyer.

Education: Ohio State University, B.A., philosophy, 1981-1985; University of Maryland Law School, J.D., 1986-1989.

Experience in community groups, activities: Vice president -- two years, Little Italy Community Organization.

Other political offices: Student government positions: student representative in college and law school.

Most significant issue: Short term: Rising cost of living in the city -- property taxes, car insurance, crime levels. I would advocate for the reduction of spending, changes in the state's system of taxation and revenue distribution. I would support city-based insurance and fight for increased use of neighborhood foot patrol officers. Long term: Environmental conditions within the city. Eliminate incinerators, encourage recycling, reduce automobile use in the city.

Kimberly Letke

Age: 30

Neighborhood: Highlandtown.

Occupation: President of Letke Contractor Inc. and Letke Security.

Education: Catonsville Community College, two years; FBI hostage negotiation seminar.

Experience in community groups, activities: Advocate of law enforcement, wider opportunities for women and women in construction.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: 1. Crime 2. Young adults who aren't receiving a good education. 3. Taxes. 4. Auto insurance. 5. Citizens leaving Baltimore to live somewhere else.

@Charles J. Morgan Jr.

Age: 61

Neighborhood: Federal Hill.

Occupation: Real estate counselor for Grempler Realty.

Education: Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to leave school at an early age, but I have obtained my GED.

Experience in community groups, activities: South Baltimore Kiwanis, Masonic Order Shrine; member-eight years, High Blood Pressure Committee; member-four years, Mental Health & Hygiene Commission; also was Maryland state plumbing commissioner for 13 years.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Education, environment and taxes. I would hold meetings with the constituents and discuss the many ways to handle these problems. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. I am sure this method would produce the right answer.

James Potter

(No reply)

Joseph R. Ratajczak

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