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September 08, 1991


Editor: I read your article in the Dining Out column on Sunday, July 28, 1991 with great interest. It was titled "Disappointments at Danny's." Having recently acquired the restaurant (May 7, 1991), I knew that certain adjustments had to be made, and I have made them.

. . . this letter is an open invitation to you to revisit Danny's, incognito or otherwise, for your edification and hopefully, delight.

Please honor us with your visit, so that you, as well as your readers, will have the proper and current information regarding our restaurant.

June Dickman, president

Danny Dickman Inc.


Editor: What a wonderful inspiration for Patrick Sandor to document, for posterity, another of America's vanishing breeds, the congenial and helpful doormen [July 14]!

I am so pleased that you included Joe Brennan, the Engineering Center, Mount Vernon Place. . . . Mr. Brennan seems to remember people very well, inquiring about them if he notices their absence.

MA Thank you, Patrick Sandor, for your gift of Open-Door Policy.

Lillian Lee Kim



Editor: Thank you . . . for the feature story on Lyme Disease Aug. 4th Sun Magazine. After reading your article, I suspected that "Maggie," our 11-year-old golden retriever, had the symptoms listed. After a blood test at the vet, she showed positive for Lyme Disease. She is responding well to the antibiotics prescribed. . . . Maggie and her family thank you for the education.

Ann Costlow


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