Who says childhood was so great?


September 06, 1991|By Steve McKerrow


* If comedian Mark Schiff was as obnoxious as he occasionally is in his Showtime comedy special tonight, it is no wonder he had a bad time as a youngster.

In "Mark Schiff: My Crummy Childhood," the comic kvetches about lots of things, but especially his parents.

"Did you ever stop to realize that if these weren't your parents you'd never visit these people?" he asks. Viewers may wonder, however, who paid for his dental work?

There are some funny lines, though, such as when Schiff suggests that refrigerator makers need to rename the crisper drawer. "Call it 'rotter,' because that's what happens in there," he rants.

* Media Monitor is grateful to reader Joe Serio of Owings Mills for pointing out a slip-of-the-movie-memory in a column reference last week to the weekend airing of the film "Octopussy."

Patrick MacNee, the dapper Englishman of "The Avengers" fame, did have a memorable role in a James Bond/Roger Moore movie, but it wasn't in this 1983 film.

Rather, it was in the next one, when MacNee played a co-agent who poses as Bond's valet in the 1985 film "A View to a Kill," the last movie featuring Moore as agent 007.

* As usual, Barbara got there first.

Tonight's scheduled edition of ABC's "20/20" (at 10, Channel 13) features an interview by host Barbara Walters with actress Katharine Hepburn, a session taped at her Manhattan home in July.

So it is not exactly a scoop that, as NBC announced this week, "Today" show co-anchor Katie Couric returns to the air from maternity leave on Monday (at 7 a.m., Channel 2) with a three-part interview with Hepburn.

Only a cynic would point out that the real impetus for both interviews is that Hepburn has a new autobiography out ("Me," from Knopf publishers).

* Memories of one of TV's more memorable series are the point of a WBAL-Channel 11 special Saturday night, which also helps us prepare for the unusual return of the show to the airwaves next week.

"The WKRP 50th Anniversary Special," at 10 p.m., features multiple clips from the 1978-82 run of "WKRP In Cincinnati," the comedy about a struggling rock 'n' roll station with a staff of offbeat characters.

Channel 11 is premiering on Sept. 14 (in the 7:30 p.m. slot) a new "WKRP In Cincinnati," with returning original cast members Frank Bonner (Herb), Gordon Jump (Mr. Carlson) and Richard Sanders (Les Nessman).

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