Anti-abortionists Laud Carducci

September 05, 1991|By Dianne Williams Hayes | Dianne Williams Hayes,Staff writer

A county group known to be outspoken on matters regarding sex education and abortion came out in support of Northeast principal Joseph Carducci during a school board meeting yesterday, applauding his reported stand on abortion and urging other parents to follow suit.

MaryErvin, president of CARE-MD, told the board that Carducci was actingin the best interest of students.

"The intense dislike that these Northeast High School parents feel for their principal has blinded them to the fact that Mr. Carducci has the best interest of their children at heart," she said.

"He is following school policy that requires any school employee to reportto the principal immediately any discussion with any student that indicates any behavior or threat of behavior that is potentially harmful or dangerous to self, others or to the community.

"It is reasonable to include abortion as part of this school policy because it is asurgical procedure with potential physical and emotional consequences," said Ervin.

While board members had no specific comments for Ervin, board president Jo Ann Tollenger said she wanted it make it known that no formal investigation is being conducted at the school.

"We're looking into it," Tollenger said.

"As far as our support, we do not support him on any one issue, we support the principal in total," said Tollenger.

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