Laramore Players Should Attend Dedication Of Field


September 04, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

All right, sports fans, here it is, the first batch of "Q's and A's"for the new school year.

If you know answers to the questions without answers that appear here, please call the 24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

* Let's start off with a very special dedication that will take place Friday evening in the Cap City.

If you played for the late AlLaramore, don't you owe it to the coach and his family to be there 7:15 p.m. Friday at Annapolis High for the official naming of the football field at Richard G. Ensor Stadium in honor of the former Panthercoach who died two years ago?

With the football field at Annapolis known as Al Laramore Field at Richard G. Ensor Stadium, do you knowhow many county football coaches have had a field named after them?

* If you were at Bronco Field in Brooklyn Park Saturday night for the Broncos and Severna Park Green Hornets' 115-pound youth football,do you agree that 11-year-old Bronco cheerleader Lauren Pokrywka's rendition of the national anthem was spectacular?

Did you know thatyou can catch this talented young singer Saturday on opening day at Bronco Field singing not only the national anthem but "America the Beautiful" as well?

* Isn't it great to hear that the man who started Archbishop Spalding football and formerly coached the Baltimore Broncos semipro football team, Doc Bartlinski, is coaching the Mount St.Joseph High School junior varsity in Irvington?

And how about another ex-Spalding coach, Bob Abend, also at Mount St. Joe as the Gaels' frosh-soph football coach?

Aren't players with the chance to play under a Bartlinski or Abend fortunate to be around knowledgeable and caring coaches who never seem to grow old?

* Isn't a 22-point slaughter rule for youth football adopted this year by the local leagueridiculous and only going to create more problems than an occasionalrunning up of scores?

Basically, the slaughter rule says that if a team gets up by 22 points or more, the team on the short end gets the ball at its own 45 on the next possession.

Aren't we going to have teams purposely miss or manipulate extra points to make the score21-0, then score a touchdown and kick the extra point for a 29-0 lead before they have to give up the ball at the 45?

Will it discourage teaching and working on place-kicking in youth football, where youget two points for booting one through the uprights following a touchdown?

What happens if a referee forgets what the score is?

Andif the current slaughter rule doesn't work, what next? Eleven players against six?

And the refs thought those older/lighter weigh-ins were the only pains to worry about?

* Has there been a change in the job description of recreation department supervisor in charge of youth football, now that Franklin Chaney has taken the postion held byDelegate Mike Busch the last 12 seasons?

Chaney says he's going to actually watch as many youth football games as possible all over the county. Busch always showed up on Championship Day to hand out trophies as all good politicians love to do, and most of the other games he watched were strangely enough in parts of the county where his constituents reside.

* Why did Debbie Shacklock step down as softballcoach at Old Mill High?

* Will former Broadneck All-Metro girls basketball player Tammy Brown be playing at Anne Arundel Community College by second semester, now that she has withdrawn from the University of Maryland?

* Remember Adrian Burgess, the former Meade High basketball player? Did you know that Burgess, who graduated from Meadein 1988, is going to play at AACC this season?

* Isn't AACC sophomore tennis player Tom Golden (Andover High grad), who was 10-1 last year, going to be a player to watch this fall?

* Did you know the Pioneers have a new tennis coach this fall in Joe Hayes, a distant relative of former cowboy/western TV star Gabby Hayes?

* Do the AACCFighting Pioneers' basketball cheerleaders have any academic requirements? If not, could part-time students who just might be pro cheerleaders with the Redskins or Bullets qualify?

Will the cheerleaders'academic and professional eligibility be the next big scandal at Anne Arundel?

* Since he turned down an opportunity to return to Northeast High as a social studies teacher and instead stay at Meade, does that tell us that Bob Grimm could be wearing the hat of athletic director again?

When Ralph Beachley took over as Meade athletic director last year after Butch Young resigned due to a disagreement with former principal Jimmy Gross, wasn't it to save the program and not ajob that Beachley really wanted?

Already the department chairman of physical education, isn't it well-known that Beachley is not enthralled with the dual role?

If Beachley decided to give it up and lighten his workload, wouldn't Grimm with his 15 years' experience at Northeast be more than qualified?

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