Pavilion's Condition Sad

Readers write

September 04, 1991

From: Linda C. Burns

Ellicott City

Last night, I had yet another enjoyable evening at our very own Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Wayne Newton was the honored entertainer, and it was an excellent concert. Toward the end of the program, itstarted to rain, and before long there was a downpour. On the way tomy car, trudging through deep puddles of water caused by flooding, Icould not help but notice the condition of the walkways and the parking lot.

The ground was saturated with thick mud, and the harder it rained the worse it got. The walk area had become dangerously slippery. What a mess.

The parking lot wasn't much better; it looked like a test site for bombing. The older people who attended the concertwere really having a time of it, each one holding the other up. I was worried someone was going to get hurt.

All the while I am thinking, 'How could they let it get this way?' Merriweather is one of the main attractions for Columbia as well as the Washington area. It has always provided us with the most respected entertainment, year after year. I have enjoyed many an evening there.

I must say though, it saddens me to see it in this rundown condition. I know the economy isnot at its best right now, but come on, tickets are not cheap, and Ialmost passed out when the girl charged me $2.60 for one soda. That could easily persuade one to stay thirsty.

One totally packed house at Merriweather and the sale of one soda to each person could easily generate enough money to pave the walkways and cover them so they are safe.

There really is no excuse for this kind of grounds maintenance and building neglect, and more than that, no reason for anyone to miss a good concert because of it. It would be such a good feelingto see the Merriweather Post Pavilion get the cleanup attention it so deserves. I think Merriweather has weathered long enough.

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