County Offers Plenty To Wonder About

The Scene -- County currents and undercurrents

September 04, 1991|By Rick Belz

Things in Howard County that make me wonder:

Why is the current Columbia Council reconsidering construction of a golf course at the old Allview Golf Course site?

Didn't a former council reject the course just a few years ago because parts of it will be under water every time it rains, thus putting it out of commission so often that it will never have a ghost of achance of turning a profit? Wasn't it offered free to the county government as a site for a public course, and didn't the government wisely turn it down?

Wouldn't it be great if the county bought a farm and turned it into a museum, a place where families could come and observe life close to nature?

Why doesn't the county building code cover unattached edifices such as garages? Doesn't that leave new homebuyers unprotected?

Why doesn't downtown Columbia have a bowling facility?

Why does the county hold the Columbia homeowner responsible for sidewalk repair even though that sidewalk is a good 10 feet away from the homeowner's property? And why are sidewalks in some other parts of the county not the homeowner's responsibility?

Isn't Bob's Big Boy on Dobbin Road the best place in the county to have breakfast?

Why have so many pizza places in Columbia gone out of business? Is it because everyone buys Joe Corbi's make-your-own pizza kits?

Why do bicyclists and some joggers insist on running down the middle of shoulderless Little Patuxent Parkway at all hours of day and night even though the curbs at corners are lowered to permit bicycle access? Why don't they just wear signs that say "Hit me"?

Isn't thecafeteria at Howard County General Hospital one of the best-kept secrets about where to find a nutritious meal at a reasonable price?

Couldn't Columbia use a real old-fashioned all-night diner?

Why did the county ever build such a postage stamp of a parking lot for theCentral Library?

Isn't Symphony Woods wonderful just the way it is and shouldn't it stay that way?

Shouldn't they build a bridge across Centennial Lake at a point just before the section that is a wildlife preserve? Isn't it sometimes too long a walk to go all the way around, especially if you have a child in a stroller?

Shouldn't the county take a close look at rescinding right turns on red at certain dangerous intersections, especially on roads where speed limits reach 45 miles per hour or higher?

Doesn't the Village of Hickory Ridge need another convenience store like a teen-ager needs another pimple? High's is supposed to open up across the street from a WaWa.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a baseball stadium like the one Anne Arundel County built on Ridge Road called Joe Cannon Stadium?

Don't theMaryland Bays provide a great evening's entertainment, and shouldn'tthe county try to keep the team here by helping to build a soccer stadium that could be used in the fall by high school teams?

Doesn'tthe idea of once-a-week trash pickup make you sizzle? And doesn't the idea of having to pay extra for it make you fry in a year when realestate taxes are skyrocketing?

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