Bel Air Bobcats

Football 1991/the Teams, Coaches And Players

September 01, 1991

Coach: Gene Blizzard, first year.

Assistants: Don Vail, Joe Alex.

Last year's record: 3-7.

Returnees: Justin Alex (sr., FB, LB),Kier Thompson (jr., RB), Andy Glenn (jr. OT, DT), Matt Dupree (jr., OT, DT), Ryan Rafalski (sr., QB), Jeremy Smith (sr., DB), Tom Rose (TE, DE), Brett Scheideman (sr., OG, DG), Brian Hazlett (sr., C, DG), Dean Emig (sr., OE, DE), Sean Smith (sr., FB, DB), Corey McLaughlin (sr., DB), James Wasilewski (sr., OE, DE), Dan Kolb (sr., QB, DB), SeanMcGraw (sr., OT/G), James Fairall (sr., DB).

Top Newcomers: Donnie Krtanjek (jr., QB, DB), Danny Durst (jr., FB, LB), Scott Birth (sr., DB), Eric Flutka (sr., DB), Jim Forbes (sr., DL), Hanna Chong (jr.,HB).

Coach's outlook: The first game will be a crucial point in our season. I think it's critical that we win, because it could make all the difference.

Harford County Sun's outlook: Blizzard's primary goal this year is to build some confidence in a program that hasn'tdone too well of late. The Bobcats have some pretty strong shouldersto start building on, especially bookend tackles Glenn and Dupree, both 6-6 and between 270 and 280. With those two, veteran ends Rose (6-0, 185) and Emig (6-1, 175) and guards Scheideman (5-11, 225) and Hazlett (5-11, 215), Blizzard expects to have a solid defense. If the Bobcats can get their timing down on offense, they could win enough games to improve there. But a winning season is still probably a year or two away. It won't help the Bobcats to be without a home. They haveto play home games at C. Milton Wright's stadium while their own is improved.

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