Enough Rec Facilities?

Letters to the editor

September 01, 1991

Editor's note: Some residents are saying Carroll County needs more recreational facilities; others disagree. We have been asking readers if they believe Carroll has enough rec facilities, if they are maintained properly, how they compare with rec facilities they have visitedin other counties, if there are any types of facilities that don't exist in Carroll that they think are needed, and if the existing facilities are enough to handle the demand placed on them by local organizations. Here are some of the replies we received:

From: Liz Chapman


There are not enough pools in Eldersburg area.

We are on a three-year waiting list for Freedom Pool and one year for South Carroll Swim Club.

I think a municipal pool should be built for this growing area.

From: Mrs. Linda Bowen


Carroll County needs more recreational facilities, especially in theFreedom District (Sykesville/Eldersburg).

It's among the fastest-growing areas of the county. With many new families moving into the area, there is a need for more baseball and softball fields, soccer fields and tennis courts -- for all age groups of users.

Indoor basketball courts for winter use would be good, too. Other facilities, asmight be provided by a sports complex, and public activities such asbowling, swimming, roller skating, etc., would give kids something to do rather than "cruise" around shopping malls.

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