Annapolis Panthers

1991 Anne Arundel County Football At A Glance

September 01, 1991

Head coach: Roy Brown (third season).

Assistant coaches: Bill Phebus, Ken Dunn, Dennie DeWitt and Ben Price.

1990 record: 5-5.

Returnees: Seniors Dan Flynn (DE), Ray Henson (E), Ty Selby (FB-LB), Andrew Yiannoulou (G), Demond Galloway (DT),Jeff Golas (C), Shawn Cole (DB-RB), Mario Dominick (RB), Richard Mears (QB), Shawn Woodland (LB-DE) and Gary Smith (RB-DB); junior Brandon Tinker (OL).

Newcomers: Juniors Brendan Bellotte (OL) and Mike Fraioli (E); sophomores Chris Johnson (QB), Juan Johnson (QB) and Kevin Belt (DB).

Coach's outlook: "I'm very pleased with the kids. Everybody is working hard and looking good out there. They're young, andthey have a lot of enthusiasm. I think that enthusiasm will help us a lot. We have lots of depth, and overall, I'd say we're quicker thanlast year. I don't see any weaknesses on this team. I think we have the potential to fight for the league title, but it's going to be rough."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Panthers have enough bodies (115 for varsity and JV combined in late August) to cover for anyemergency, and some experienced returnees at most of the skill positions. Annapolis' fortune could hinge on the readiness of its underclassmen.


Head coach: Greg Fuhrman (second season).

Assistant coaches: Jim Nemeth, Terry Magnan and Nelson White.

1990 record: 0-8-1.

Returnees: Seniors Matt Demarco (LB-C), BrianEdwards (FS-QB), Osric Prioleau (OLB-FB), Ralph Ellis (NG-OG); juniors Dan Wolf (SS-HB), Chris Lucas (QB-CB), Tim Alber (ILB-TE) and Pat Kiley (CB-WB).

Newcomers: Juniors Alexi Baltins (DT-OT) and Jeff Paxson (WB-CB).

Coach's outlook: "Our No. 1 goal is to win our first game. The more games that pass the more difficult it becomes. There's not one kid in our program that has tasted a victory so it will bedifficult until they know what that experience is all about. The longer you go on losing, the tougher it is to have confidence and make winning tangible."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The faculty at Archbishop Spalding reminds its student-athletes that winning isn't everything. The Cavaliers haven't won much lately. The Cavs are not only hungry for a win, they're famished. Look for that drought to end this year however, when Spalding upends one of its out-of-county opponents.


Head coach: Hayse Henderson (second season).

Assistant coaches: Elliott Harvey, Bob Powell, Tom Harmon and Scott Harmon.

1990 record: 1-9.

Returnees: Seniors Derrick Barr (FB-DB), Gerald Johns (SE), John Oxendine (QB), Alfred Harris (OT-DT), Jaki Beasley (TE), Kevin King (DT), Kevin Powell (DB), Jay Twardowski (DB) and Marshall Naymick (DB).

Newcomers: Senior Arthur Buckley (DE); junior Harold Clark (LB); sophomore Kenny Walker (RB).

Coach's outlook: "So far, we're looking fair, or should I say that we're further along than we were last year at this point. I think we have thepotential to have a good season. The good thing about this team is that it's a veteran ballclub. We have a lot of seniors that will give the team some leadership. Now whether we play like a veteran team, that's a different story."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Mustangs' opening game against state semifinalist Springbrook of Montgomery County should be a good barometer in which to measure Henderson's club. One thing, for sure, his team definitely should be able to top last year's mark. More experience all around, along with a potentially quick backfield operating out of the wishbone, should land Meade somewhere between 4-6 and 6-4.


Head coach: Buddy Hepfer (15th season).

Assistant coaches: Bob Beauchemin and Dave Maka.

1990 record: 5-5.

Returnees: Seniors Matt Henson (FB-LB), Brett D'Camera (G), Russell Sigley (C), Vince Squire (DE), Monte Lomax (LB), Desi Lomax (S) and Ricky Gladwell (CB); juniors Trevor McNamara(CB), George Epps (LB) and Greg Booth (OT).

Newcomers: Seniors Dustin Sears (G) and Geoff Downes (G); juniors Danny Doffermyre (OE) and Trevor Shar (G).

Coach's outlook: "Overall, the varsity is down in numbers as compared to other years. So far, we're carrying six sophomores and a freshman on the varsity, and at the moment, they may bejust a little intimidated. Defensively we're pretty set. We have some experience and they should be fairly strong. But I'm not so sure about things offensively."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: As usual, Hepfer is approaching the upcoming season cautiously. Stopping the other teams might not be as much of a problem as putting points on the board. Expect the Wildcats to finish somewhere in the middle of thepack of the 4A League, along with Broadneck, Annapolis and Meade, provided Henson can help them solve their offensive backfield mysteries.


Head coach: Dave Rigot (15th season).

Assistants: Don Gibson, Lennie Thomas, Dave Griffith and Mike Rudd.

1990 record: 6-4.

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