Reduced Prices Offered

September 01, 1991

The Carroll County Board of Education has announced its policy for free and reduced price meals, and if applicable, free milk.

The following household size income criteria will be used to determine eligibility. Based on the size of the family and annual income, students may qualify for either free meals or milk or reduced price meals.

* One person: $8,606 for free meals; $12,247 for reduced.

* Two people: $11,544 for free meals; $16,428 for reduced.

* Three people: $14,482 for free meals; $20,609 for reduced.

* Four people: $17,420 for free meals; $24,790 for reduced.

* Five people: $20,358for free meals; $28,971 for reduced.

* Six people: $23,296 for free meals; $33,152 for reduced.

* Seven people: $26,234 for free meals; $37,333 for reduced.

* Eight people: $29,172 for free meals; $41,514 for reduced.

For each additional family member, add $2,938to the total annual income for free meals and $4,181 for reduced price meals.

Letters will be sent home to parents or guardians at thestart of school about free/reduced meals.

Food stamp/AFDC households should receive letters indicating that their children have been approved for free school meals and that they should not complete meal applications through school for this year.

To apply for free/reduced meals, households should fill out the application from school and return it to the school. Additional copies are available from the principals' offices.

Applications will be reviewed by the principal, who determines eligibility.

For questions or information, contact the Pupil Services and Special Programs office of the public schools at 848-8280.

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