Act Questions Easement

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September 01, 1991

From: Dennis Stevens


Airport Coordinating Team

The Airport Coordinating Team (ACT) understands that the Federal Aviation Administration has granted to the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) more funding to relocate homeowners in the higher noise exposure areas around BWI Airport and also to sound attenuate homes.

ACT generally understands the reasonsfor a homeowner wanting sound-attenuation assistance. However, we would like to make perspective participants in the Homeowner's Noise Assistance Program aware of a caveat about this program.

In order toreceive assistance, an avigation easement must be attached to the homeowner's house deed. This avigation easement holds the MAA blamelessfor any aircraft noise below Ldn 75 dBA and any air pollution associated with aircraft operations.

At Ldn 70 dBA a homeowner is eligible for a total buyout by the MAA. ACT has always objected to the imposition of this easement in the Homeowner's Noise Assistance program. We believe it to be unfair to residential communities because it removes liability and accountability of the MAA to participants. We favorthe use of an agreement that would state to the effect that the homeowner agrees not to request additional monetary assistance through this program. This is a more balanced approach.

So, if you are considering participating in this program, ask a lot of questions of the MAA, seek a legal opinion, and caveat emptor.

ACT has invited County Executive Robert Neall to attend our Thursday, Sept. 19, meeting at7:30 p.m. at the George Cromwell Elementary School, Wellham Avenue in Glen Burnie. The public is cordially invited.

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