Narrow marginThe narrowing of the goal posts in college...

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August 31, 1991

Narrow margin

The narrowing of the goal posts in college football has created a dilemma for some high schools.

College uprights will be 18 feet, 6 inches apart this year, but the width of the high school posts will remain at 23 feet, 4 inches. So what do you do if your field is used for both college and high school games?

University of Northern Iowa officials solved the problem by putting up adjustable goal posts at the UNI-Dome.

The posts have a telescopic crossbar secured by a pin. When a high school game is to be played, the pin is pulled and the uprights are widened. When it's time for a college game, the process is reversed.

"We probably do 45 or 50 high school games," said Jim Egli, UNI's assistant athletic director for facilities. "One of the trickier things is, we didn't have a way to store additional goal posts. They're pretty bulky to store."

The guy's a dinosaur

Darby is a dinosaur. He also is a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills.

Darby is the nickname given Ray Bentley by his Bills teammate. And Darby is the name Bentley gave the dinosaur character he created in a series of children's books.

Bentley and Mike Hamby, a Buffalo teammate in 1986, have collaborated on four Darby the Dinosaur books. Hamby is an illustrator.

"My wife and I have four children. One of them, Ritchard, was fascinated by dinosaurs, and in the evening, I used to tell them stories," Bentley said.

"Then I got the idea to create this dinosaur character. I called him Darby."

Bentley has to be among the biggest authors of children's books. He is 6 feet 2 and 235 pounds.

The quote

Quarterback Billy Joe Tolliver after being traded by the San Diego Chargers to the Atlanta Falcons: "The only people in San Diego who deserve a winner are the guys in the locker room."

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