Texas columnist fired for talking to media about his homosexuality

August 31, 1991|By New York Times News Service

HOUSTON — C HOUSTON -- A columnist for the Houston Post was fired yesterday after granting interviews about his own homosexuality, topic his editors had told him not to write about.

The dismissal grew out of events that began when the columnist, Juan R. Palomo, sought to announce his sexual preference in a column that decried the lack of public outrage over the slaying of a 27-year-old banker, Paul Broussard, on July 4.

Mr. Broussard was killed when 10 youths allegedly chased down and attacked him and two companions as they left a gay bar in Houston.

Mr. Palomo says his editors told him they would not let him to declare his homosexuality in the column, published in a revised version on July 9, with the passage about his own homosexuality deleted.

He later discussed the conflict in interviews published in the Houston Press, a weekly newspaper; Editor & Publisher, a trade magazine; and with the Washington Post.

While he has not made any specific plans for the future, Mr.

Palomo said, "If there is any legal action I can take against the Post that has a reasonable chance of success, I'll take it."

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