Hair stylists disclose their favorite shampoos

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August 29, 1991|By Catherine Cook

It's so difficult to choose. Should you get the shampoo that promises improved elasticity or the one that guarantees extra bounce? Should you believe Victoria Principal's pitch for Jhirmack or Kelly LeBrock's endorsement of Pantene?

Paul Linthicum of Johann and Rene Hair Designers mentioned

Jhirmack as "pretty good," although he considered his salon's own hair products under the label, Top Hair, superior and competitively priced, at $6.20 for a 16-ounce bottle of shampoo.

Cheryl Buxbaum of Cheryl's Salon says she would probably buy Jheri Redding or Sassoon items if she ran out of salon products and just had to run to the grocerystore.

At A Cut Above on Light

Street, the top

choice among

the staff



the reasonably priced Aussie line (about $3.25 for a 16-ounce bottle of shampoo) and Rave hair spray, usually one of the cheapest sprays available.

At Dett Sett, owner Irvin Dett, recommended Ultra Sheen shampoo and conditioner.

Michelle Amrhein of About Faces in Kenilworth Bazaar says her back up shampoo is Pert Plus and her hair spray, the Rave pump spray. "It has a better hold than the aerosol and it's better for the environment."

LolaJones,ownerof Lola's, says that "whatever brand I'd choose I would make sure I use the shampoo, condition and spray of the same line because they're made to go together. Jhirmack is very good and I think highly of Sassoon."

William Thelen, co-owner of Rainbow Hair Designers, said he'buy either Neutrogena or Sassoon hair products.

Next time you're at your own salon, it's worth asking your stylist for a recommendation of products that will work best for your hair at a price that works for your budget.

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