Blast achieves goal, re-signing Mobilio to keep scoring them

August 28, 1991|By Sandra McKee | Sandra McKee,Evening Sun Staff

Domenic Mobilio, the Blast's leading goal-scorer each of the last three seasons, is the latest player to re-sign for the coming season.

"This is a big relief for me," said Mobilio, the only back-to-back 40-goal scorer in Blast history. "I know we're coming off a disappointing season and I'm ready to turn that around. I can't wait for the opening game Oct. 19."

Along with announcing Mobilio's signing, the team also released its schedule for the coming season. For the first time in the Major Soccer League's 13-year history, it will be a primarily weekend sport. Only four of 40 regular-season games will be played on a night other than Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those four, like the MSL All-Star Game that will be played here at the Arena Feb. 13, will be played on Thursday nights.

Mobilio, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, already has set a Canadian Soccer League record playing for the Vancouver 86ers this summer, scoring 24 goals in 18 games.

The 22-year-old is a two-time MSL All-Star. He led the Blast last season with 49 goals, one shy of his personal goal, and was tied for the team lead in overall scoring with 82 points.

"Signing Domenic has been on our wish list since the season ended," said Blast general manager John Borozzi. "One look at his scoring stats shows why we feel he's important to this team. He scores a lot of goals and has improved in each of the last two years. We look for more big things from him this season."

Mobilio is one of six players who have re-signed from last year's team and brings the roster total to 11.

* The 1991-92 schedule:

* OCTOBER: 19 Dallas, 7:35; 25 at Wichita, 8:35; 27 Tacoma, 6:05.

* NOVEMBER: 8 at Tacoma, 10:35; 10 at San Diego, 9:05; 16 San Diego, 7:35; 23 at Cleveland, 1:05; 29 at Wichita, 8:35; 30 St. Louis, 7:35.

* DECEMBER: 6 Cleveland, 8:05; 7 at Dallas, 8:35; 13 at Cleveland, 8:05; 21 Wichita, 7:35; 26 at Tacoma, 10:35; 27 at St. Louis, 8:35; 29 San Diego, 6:05.

* JANUARY: 4 St. Louis, 7:35; 10 Dallas, 8:05; 17 at Dallas, 8:35; 19 at San Diego, 9:05.

* FEBRUARY: 1 Tacoma, 7:35; 8 Wichita, 7:35; 9 St. Louis, 2:05; 13 MSL All-Star Game (7:35) at Baltimore Arena; 16 Cleveland, 6:05; 21 at St. Louis, 8:35; 23 at Wichita, 3:35; 27 Wichita, 7:05; 29 at San Diego, 10:35.

* MARCH: 1 at Tacoma, 7:05; 5 at St. Louis, 8:35; 13 Cleveland, 8:05; 14 San Diego, 2:05; 20 at Wichita, 8:35; 21 at Cleveland, 8:05; 26 St. Louis, 7:05; 27 at Dallas, 8:35; 29 DALLAS, 2:35.

* APRIL: 4 Tacoma, 7:35.

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