For the 2nd District

August 28, 1991

There are an unusually large number of qualified candidates running in the hotly contested 2nd District City Council race this year. Yet unlike earlier years, the political clubs that normally broker tickets and help winnow the field have been unable to agree on a single slate of candidates. The inter-racial coalition that in the past worked to ensure the election of a representative delegation made up of one white and two black council members appears to have been weakened as a result. But voters can make a virtue of the necessity of picking the best candidates from this large field by basing their decisions purely on the contenders' abilities, positions on issues and records of accomplishment.

Using those criteria, The Evening Sun recommends re-election for incumbent councilmen Anthony Ambridge and Carl Stokes, both of whom have made important contributions during their terms in office. Ambridge has provided consistently attentive constituent service to residents throughout his district and has played a leadership role on such issues as gun control and regional cooperation. Stokes, first elected in 1987, emerged as a key council player as author of the redistricting plan approved earlier this year.

For the third seat we recommend Dr. Peter Beilenson, a public health physician who would bring a valuable perspective to the council. Beilenson's professional work has given him firsthand insight into the intractable problems of teen pregnancy, AIDS and drug abuse confronting this city. Such experience will be crucial in crafting policies aimed at solving these problems. We firmly believe the council must take a larger role in formulating new strategies to deal with Baltimore's changing prospects in the 1990s. The team of Beilenson, Ambridge and Stokes would be capable of meeting that challenge.

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