Traffic JamEditor: Heading for a family reunion in West...


August 27, 1991

Traffic Jam

Editor: Heading for a family reunion in West Virginia at 6:30 a.m. on a recent morning, we were at a crawling pace on the Washington Beltway.

The problem was a stalled truck in one of the four lanes.

I observed that 99 percent of the cars were carrying just one person.

If we could get the beltways and other main highways (like I-95) to reserve one lane strictly for cars carrying two or more people, I bet more people would car-pool together.

Miriam Dishon.


Hatred and Bigotry

Editor: The persistence of hatred and bigotry defies understanding. Wasn't the United States founded by our forefathers to combat those evils and establish freedoms that people were denied in their former countries of residence.

Your Aug. 13 paper featured two items, in adjoining columns, with headlines, ''5 Klansmen indicted in 9 cross burnings in Louisiana'' and ''Vandals paint swastikas on Plymouth Rock.''

The Klan is an anachronism never in step with the meaning and promise of America. Its dedication to policies and actions inimitable to our constitutional guarantees makes it as un-American as the vilest symbol of practitioners of ideologies foreign to our government.

Without its symbolic meaning, Plymouth Rock is just another part of the landscape. Its meaning to the shipboard arrivals was safe haven, promise of religious and political freedom and escape from restrictive Europe and its injustices.

The swastika painted upon the rock by the young Massachusetts vandals is a symbol of man's ignoble descent into inhuman depravity.

It violated every concept of liberty for which the United States was founded.

It is an insult to every American serviceman who fought and died defeating the Nazi menace.

The desecrators of Plymouth Rock should be caught and forced to learn the history and meaning of our country so they can become Americans worthy of the name.

enry H. Cohen.


Helmet or Not

Editor: I believe that letter writers Nancy Papa Doran and Alan Meeker miss the point that Steven P. Strohmier was trying to make in his Aug. 4 letter.

The issue is not the documentation of a rider's non-use of a helmet, but the fact that use of a helmet is never documented. I have read accounts of motorcycle accidents in The Sun and several other newspapers for years and I have never seen the phrase, ''the rider was wearing a helmet.''

I believe this omission is not accidental. The omission of helmet-use and the documentation of helmet non-use create a subtle suggestion that helmeted riders are not fatally injured, and unhelmeted riders are always killed. This device also ignores the possibility that the rider may have died from other injuries, with or without fatal head trauma.

Martin J. Mimnaugh.


One-Party State

Editor: The recent events in the Soviet Union have brought almost universal support in our country for a group of people standing up to tanks in order to preserve its right to a democratic system.

At the same time in our very own Maryland, we have an advisory committee meeting behind closed doors to create what it terms the ''people's plan.'' This plan is simply a pretext for creating a one-party system within our state.

This committee has created a textbook example of ''gerrymandering'' in the new 5th district to ensure the 'u re-election of Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, the most favored incumbent. Additionally, the plan has enlarged the 1st District to encompass two Republicans, Helen Delich Bentley and Wayne T. Gilchrest, creating the only district forcing a run-off between two incumbents.

I hope that witnessing an elite group plotting a political coup to ensure the re-election of its chosen candidates will remind the citizens of Maryland that truly free elections are a privilege worth fighting for.

Charles J. Thomas.


Out of Context

Editor: You published a college article featuring my daughter Hope Griffin and me (Aug. 18). Several relevant facts which were given to your reporter during the interview were either taken out of context or not included in the article.

Hope will be entering her junior year at Goucher. One of the main reasons she is there is the generous award package we receive from Goucher each year. Of the five colleges Hope applied to and was accepted at, Goucher offered the best academic program and financial aid package. The Financial Aid Office at Goucher is receptive, concerned and works with us to create a plan that will best meet our needs.

I, as many families do, have the responsibility of putting my children through school on a budget. My situation is no different from the average American family. I thank God that I have had and still have the resources necessary to educate my daughter and live comfortably.

Alice M. Loving.


Problems at the City Jail

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