Mexican journalists flee Guatemala Offices vandalized, bomb is discovered

August 27, 1991|By John M. McClintock | John M. McClintock,Mexico City Bureau of The Sun

MEXICO CITY N — MEXICO CITY -- A bomb and a forced entry by thugs has caused Mexico's national news agency to pull out of Guatemala City and compelled the Reuters correspondent to work clandestinely.

Two correspondents for Notimex, the Mexican state news agency, flew home Sunday, one day after two men barged into their offices and began rifling the files.

Miguel Angel Lopez, one of the correspondents, said yesterday the men never made clear what they were looking for.

The incident came five days after a security guard discovered bombnear an elevator on the floor of the Notimex offices. Several other news organizations also are housed in the building. The correspondent for the Reuters news agency has been ordered to work away from the agency's office.

Guatemalan media have been receiving threats in recent days not to publish anything about three prominent murder case, including that of a U.S. tourist camp owner who was slain last year.

All three cases have been linked to the Guatemalan military or police.

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