Pier Six pavilion will install video screens

August 27, 1991|By Eric Siegel H

Fans attending the Michael Feinstein and Rosemary Clooney show tomorrow night at the Pier Six Concert Pavilion will get up-close-and-personal views of the performers thanks to 9-by-12-foot video screens installed on either side of the stage.

The screens will also be in place for the Robert Palmer concert on Thursday, the second half of a brief trial run; if they work well at this week's concerts, Pier Six will seek a sponsor to pay for the screens next year, according to facility manager John Wright.

"The tent is very high-tech and I think video screens are one of the factors that enhance the quality of concert watching," he said.

Mr. Wright denied that sluggish attendance at the newly expanded facility, which canceled a show last month because of poor ticket sales, was a factor in his decision to experiment with the screens.

"They're not for building attendance but to make the audience that's already there more comfortable," he said.

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