Slowing rushed doctor down

August 27, 1991|By Alyssa Gabbay

The best method for dealing with a brusque doctor is speaking up, according to Dr. Charles Yeo, a general surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. If you feel a doctor has been too rushed with you, or hasn't answered your questions satisfactorily, tell him so.

"Most doctors would slow down if you tell them you need more time," said Dr. Yeo. "Most of us are interested in keeping our patients; most of us like our patients."

It's also a good idea to write down your questions before seeing the doctor, so none of them slip your mind in the midst of the consultation.

If you're hesitant to speak to your doctor directly about his manner, try addressing your complaint to the patient representative at your hospital, said Sara Lee Jacobson, a patient representative at Sinai Hospital. She or he may try to work out a solution with the doctor, or may relay the complaint to a higher authority, such as the head of the doctor's department.

If you've expressed your sentiments to your doctor and he still doesn't respond to your needs, think about switching doctors.

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