Common sense on smoking

August 26, 1991|By Palm Beach (Fla.) Post

APART from Washington, which discourages smoking while helping tobacco growers sell their product, America has reached a sane and honorable truce between smokers and non-smokers. However, a new wave of attacks on smokers has been launched and smokers are using laws to dig foxholes. The attacks come from employers trying to save money on high health insurance costs.

Companies could cut insurance costs by promising that their employees won't ski, sky-dive or scuba dive. They could force workers to move out of high crime areas, but what about cholesterol -- should fat get someone fired? Carry this far enough and the only health risk left to be insured against is old age. That's the problem: If employers become Granny Do-Good over smoking, how do they avoid the plunge into being ludicrous?

The issue isn't smokers' or non-smokers' rights. It's common sense.

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