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August 25, 1991

From: Robert P. Duckworth

Candidate for Congress, 4th District

Fracturing Anne Arundel County into pieces of two or possibly even three congressional districts is grossly unfair to all county residents and to the county government.

It is almost inconceivable thatredistricting plans with this result are seriously being discussed.

However, incumbents with an eye toward self-preservation have placed their interests ahead of those of the citizens they represent, or intend to represent.

If any of these plans are put into effect, every county citizen will probably be represented by someone from outside the county. It doesn't take much thought to see that representatives from Prince George's County, the Eastern Shore and Baltimore City will be more responsive to their home constituents than they will be to the citizens of Anne Arundel County residing in their districts.

But there is no real need to break up the county in this way.

The primary cause of the mad scramble to divide the county is the desire to create a "safe district" for Representative Steny Hoyer, D-5th District. This has resulted in all other incumbents grabbing for any piece of the remaining pie. Unfortunately,their slices go through AnneArundel.

Instead of such politically motivated redistricting, Anne Arundel County should have a single congressional representative.

There is still time before the General Assembly votes on the congressional redistricting plan. I urge all concerned citizens to write their state delegates and senators and express their desire to keep Anne Arundel County in a single congressional district.


From: Linda Tetrault


Pat O'Malley, (Anne Arundel County Sun sportswriter), must get tired of sitting on the fence and leaning in one backyard one day and the other backyard the next.

Perhaps Mr. O'Malley should check his facts before attacking the Northeast High School parents, ("Controversy continues at Northeast," Anne Arundel County Sun, Aug. 19).

The abortion issue has been theobject of discussion at every meeting that I have personally had with (Anne Arundel County Superintendent of Schools) Dr. Larry Lorton and Dr. Joseph Carducci since my first meeting with Dr. Lorton on June 10.

There have been typed agendas presented to all persons in attendance at these meetings and the abortion issue has appeared on theseagendas and has been addressed.

Mr. O'Malley, this isn't something that has just cropped up. Would you want your children's religious beliefs taught in school or at home, where religious beliefs should be instilled?

Mr. O'Malley, I have spent many hours trying to resolve the problems of Northeast High School. I have done this for my daughter, who has three years remaining there. God entrusted me with twochildren and I intend to see that everything and everyone that touches their lives is in their best interest. If you doubt my word, Mr. O'Malley, please feel free to call Dr. Lorton or state Sen. Philip Jimeno, who sat in on the last meeting with Dr. Carducci. They will enlighten you!

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