Music, dancing and fun after dark along the coast


August 25, 1991|By Susan Canfora

PICK OF THE WEEK: Last year, the Kingpins were on the road 292 days, and since April, the band has had only seven days off.

It gets tiring, said band member Terry Baber, but it's worth it.

Being on stage has a rejuvenating effect. "That's what it's all about. That's why we're all doing this," Mr. Baber said. "It's people enjoying something you are doing and it's being able to give it to the people."

The Kingpins will be performing at the Sheraton, 101st Street and Coastal Highway, tonight and tomorrow and at the Ocean Club, 49th Street and the beach, Sept. 23-Oct. 6.

On Sept. 1 the band will be performing at the Red Eye Dock Bar in Kent Island. On Sept. 13-14, the band will be at A. L. Gator's in Pasadena.

"We are in and out of Ocean City," Mr. Baber said. "We're here a lot in the summer, about eight to 10 weeks from May to October.

"We have a pretty good following and we come back to Ocean City in the winter for the locals. Our local following is pretty important to us. You can play to tourists anywhere, but locals are the base of the people you want to play for," he said.

The seven-member band formed about five years ago. Mr. Baber plays trombone. Other band members are: Ray Tittman, songwriter and lead singer; Kenny Martin, keyboards and vocals; John Postley, bass; Wayne Tomlinson, guitar and vocals; Keith Brooks, drums, and Forrest Johnson, trumpet. A saxophone player will be soon be added to the band.

The band plays rock and roll, soul, ballads and original music.

"We have an immense amount of talent in the band. We stay busy on stage. We get the horns and go out in the crowd. We're not playing above the audience but playing to them. We do a lot of original material and we try to fit it all together," Mr. Baber said.

The Kingpins have released two albums, "Picked to the Bone" and "Kingpins," which can be purchased where the band performs.

ON STAGE: The Broadway comedy "My Fat Friend" will be at the Commander Boardwalk Cabaret Dinner Theater nightly Sept. 4-26 except Sundays. The play is about an overweight book shop owner and her two boarders -- a student who wants to be a novelist and a confirmed bachelor. Seating is at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8:15 p.m. Cost is $12.50 plus the price of dinner. Call 289-6166.

LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT: Cheers, tonight at the Ocean Club, and Aug. 27-Sept. 1 at the Sheraton . . . First Class, tomorrow through Sept. 9 at the Ocean Club . . . Tranzfusion, tonight at the Purple Moose, on the boardwalk between Talbot and Caroline streets . . . Comedian Tubby Boots, Tuesdays through Saturdays at the Shrimp Shack in the Gold Coast Mall, 115th Street and Coastal Highway . . . Comedians Connie and Charlie, Tuesdays to Saturdays, at Giovanni's, 33rd Street and Coastal Highway.

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