A Second Chance


August 25, 1991|By ELIZABETH LARGE

I've been wanting to do a profile of Sarah Fleischer ever since we ran a story on women in radio a couple of years ago that didn't include her. I didn't know enough about current rock and roll to realize what a mistake it was to leave her out of the story -- at least not until it was in print. Then I heard from many, many unhappy readers.

If I'd realized that Sarah Fleischer was not only one of the best-known female radio personalities in town, but also one of the first, the piece wouldn't have appeared in the magazine until she was in it.

So now I have a chance to make it up to her fans. And even people who don't listen to 98 Rock's kind of music may find the non-radio-personality side of Ms. Fleischer interesting. A. M. Chaplin says her favorite part of writing the story wasn't getting to hear the Band, those musical idols of her generation. It wasn't seeing the back stage of a rock and roll station. It wasn't anything even remotely glamorous. It was when she was in Sarah's kitchen, between dinner and dessert, and her two little girls started chanting "sor-bet, sor-bet" the way people used to chant "Ed-die, Ed-die" for Eddie Murray when he was with the Orioles. "They'd helped make it the day before from the raspberries that grow along the top of their driveway. It was good, too, though Sarah, ever the conscientious one, worried about the seeds and said next time she'd strain it."


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