TCAround the house* Keep sliding doors working smoothly by...


August 24, 1991


Around the house

* Keep sliding doors working smoothly by waxing metal tracks with candle stubs.

* Use only dry potholders when cooking; a moist one transmits heat.

* When cooking outdoors over an open fire, rub bottoms of pans with a bar of soap; soot will be easier to remove.

* Protect plumbing fixtures when painting a kitchen or bathroom; cover faucets with plastic bags to protect them from spatters.

* Try using a pizza cutter to cut onions finely. Slice onions and then roll cutter back and forth to make small pieces; pizza cutters are also great for cutting brownies neatly.

* Organize china closet or hutch. Increase storage space by arranging odd-shaped glassware so every other glass is upside down. Do not overcrowd shelves, which can cause chipping of glasses and cups.

In the garden

* Use hand shears to clip grass at base of trees. Or fill in area around tree with mulch or a ground cover. Either method will prevent you from chipping the bark from trees with your lawn mower and leaving open wounds that can make the tree susceptible to insects and disease.

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