Shriver makes sure show goes on one

August 23, 1991|By Sandra McKee

WASHINGTON HC — WASHINGTON -- One of the more entertaining moments at the Virginia Slims of Washington women's tournament came yesterday afternoon, after Pam Shriver and her doubles partner Magdalena Maleeva were forced to retire from their match.

After dropping the first set 3-6, Maleeva injured her shoulder, which brought the scheduled match to an early conclusion.

That turn of events gave No. 1 doubles seed Gigi Fernandez and Natalia Zvereva a pass into the semifinals today.

But Shriver, not wanting to shortchange the crowd, went back on the court and took on Fernandez and Zvereva on her own. And she held her own, until being joined by local club pro Hank Harris, her hitting partner.

"Are you on steroids?" yelled Fernandez, indicating Harris had a strange build for a women's doubles player.

It was then public address announcer Charlie Brotman assured everyone they were not watching Maleeva. The crowd ate up the entire act and Harris played along, dropping a curtsy to his audience at the end of the exhibition.

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