Two Martins -- Roland and Tommy (not related) -- are among...

August 23, 1991|By Bill Burton

Two Martins -- Roland and Tommy (not related) -- are among the contenders in this year's BASS Masters Classic. If they make it again next year -- which they probably will -- there could be a third one.

Middle River's Dick Martin, who has won the Maryland Mister BASS title for state BASS Federation competition an unprecedented three times, is on the Maryland State team and soon will be heading for the Connecticut River for the Eastern Divisional Championships. If he wins there, he will join the field for the final qualifying tournament.

A victory in that one would make him one of the five BASS Federation amateur champions nationwide to receive an invitation to the 1992 classic at a site to be announced early next year. It's a long shot, he concedes, but he is known for long stringers of huge bass.

Martin is at this year's classic as a member of the Maryland Federation support team that ferries classic contenders and their boats to and from launching sites. BASS rules prohibit him from dropping on-site hints as to where competitors might catch fish, but if he could he would suggest "trying for small fish in the Dundee-Saltpeter area, then the Chester River for the big one or two that could put him at the top of the heap."

And Martin, who has won a bout with malignant skin cancer (fishing in the sun too long) would use his favorite lure selection -- spinnerbaits. He would also mix in Pig 'n Jigs and the new red-hot Sluggo worms and their look-alike Pogo worms.

Incidentally, the Maryland Federation has been selected the National Bass Chapter Federation of the Year.

Middle River man aims for '92

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