Scandal Leaves Aacc With Egg On Face Again


2 Teams On Probation: Who's Minding Store?

August 23, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

It's still vacation time for many sports fans, but not for you guys who keep buzzing the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499, with hot tidbits and great questions.

So, in fulfilling my weekly public service, I once again bring you a hot batch of "Q's & A's."

* Shouldn't the Anne Arundel Community College athletic department be applauded for the way it keeps the Pioneers in the news year-round?

Is the AACC athletic program a joke or what with the latest black eye being the men's basketball and women's soccer teams being placed on probation for one year by the National Junior College AthleticAssociation for allowing academically ineligible students to play?

Remember when the school's excuse for similar violations a few years ago was that it was tough to monitor all the student-athletes they had playing?

Since they came up with a computer monitoring system,isn't it hard to believe that the Pioneers still can't keep things straight?

But really, doesn't the human element of intentionally orunintentionally ignoring the rules neutralize the most sophisticatedof monitoring systems?

After learning that women's soccer coach Mike Miles allowed one ineligible athlete to participate in a playoff game in 1989, then another to play the entire season in 1990 while ineligible, do youunderstand now what he meant by "personal reasons" for his surprise resignation in February?

Also, do you now understand why former Miles assistant Hillory Dean also cited "personal reasons" for his surprise resignation July 30 after being named to succeed Miles?

As assistant athletic director and the man in charge of thestudent monitoring, how did head men's hoop coach Mark Amatucci missall that plus two of his own players who played while ineligible?

Just checking, but what's Athletic Director Buddy Beardmore been doing with his time? Restringing lacrosse sticks?

* Could baseball becoming to St. Mary's High in Annapolis?

Known for its glorious lacrosse tradition, St. Mary's does not have a baseball program, but former Arundel High infielder Rook Rogers is leading a crusade to add the sport to the school's curriculum.

St. Mary's and Severn School,another institution known for its lacrosse, are the county's only two high schools without the greatest game in the world.

"I know St.Mary's has lost some really good kids over the years because they don't have a baseball team, and I think they need to add the sport," said Rogers, who has a son in St. Mary's elementary program.

St. Mary's athletic director Carmine Blades always has asked, "Where would abaseball team play? We don't have a field for baseball."

The Saints always have been very limited with outdoor facilities. Their Duke of Gloucester campus has no fields, and the teams use Germantown Elementary, Weems Whelan and occasionally Anne Arundel Community College.

But hope could be on the way, Rogers said.

"You know they are renovating Bates Junior High fields and there is a good chance the new park will include a baseball diamond. That's where St. Mary's couldplay," he said.

Rogers is on a committee, the St. Mary's Development Board, which hopes to bring baseball to St. Mary's. Wouldn't thatbe great?

If that happened, couldn't Severn School then use Kinder Park,or even closer, Cypress Creek Park, to field a team?

* Isn't it great that Rogers asked for his generous donation back from the Big 33 football game people because no one from Anne Arundel County was named to the Maryland team of high school seniors that plays the elite Pennsylvania team?

"I thought it was a joke that not one player from our county made it," said Rogers.

* If Joe McCann ever steps down as director of county Recreation and Parks, and department sources say it might be September, wouldn't Bill Rinehart, county parksdirector, be a great successor?

Rinehart is one of just a few county Rec and Parks employees that you never hear a bad word about. In all the years I've dealt with people, Rinehart ranks up there with the finest professionals I've met.

The man is well-respected by his peers and outsiders. Rinehart is thorough, diligent, a straight shooter, has a good sense of humor, well-experienced in the field of rec and parks, listens to people with an open mind and cares about the county and the little guys.

Rinehart is a pro, and if an election forthe position were conducted he probably would win in a landslide. County Executive BobNeall doesn't have to look far when McCann moves on.

* While Joe Cannon Stadium supervisor Don Brooks and his staff took a lot of heat this summer from coaches and the media for scheduling conflicts and overzealous curfew enforcements, in their defense shouldn't it be mentioned that the teams themselves contributed to manyof the problems?

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