In the womb or out, it's still a childRegarding your Aug...

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August 23, 1991

In the womb or out, it's still a child

Regarding your Aug. 9 editorial, "Thanks for small favors," I would like to tell you of an event that touched my life some years ago. My friend Joe is just your average guy. Joe's wife was six months pregnant when she delivered prematurely.

She didn't deliver a "product of conception," or a "fetus," however. She delivered a baby, a little boy.

They named him John. John was given the best medical care available, but after about 10 days he died. Joe's family was grief-stricken over the loss of this little one. They had a funeral and laid him in a grave.

I tell you this story to make a point. Whether a child is in the womb or out, it doesn't cease to be a child. Doctors don't treat "choices," they treat children. We don't have funerals for "products of conception," but for people. To me, this makes all arguments about a woman's "right to choose" or any other reason to "terminate" a pregnancy not only immoral but insane. Should we be killing children for any reason?

Mark P. Francis Parkville

End of story


Feeling their votes

Apparently the man who has pledged to veto the Civil Rights Act of 1991 remembers well his "Willie Horton" presidential campaign that helped deliver the White House for him in 1988.

If Willie Horton could produce the bigots and victory for George Bush in that year, then why not adopt a similar racist formula that will again unite those in our society who are intolerant of the rights of women, minorities and the handicapped, people for whom the Civil Rights Act of 1991 would offer a degree of protection?

George Bush is exceedingly aware that racism is so rampant in our nation that he need not seriously address the crucial issues ++ of health care, education, poverty, etc., when his unprincipled attack on the "quota bill" will whip up sufficient hysteria to re-elect him in 1992 by those to whom he has been kinder and gentler.

As they divide and conquer, George Bush and his cabal are feeling their votes.

# Leon Peace Ried Baltimore

No panacea

"Man kills six, then himself in Australia." Canada and the United Kingdom two years ago, New Zealand and now Australia. In two of those cases the weapon involved was a version of the AK-47. How can these incidents occur in societies which have such stringent laws regulating firearms? Maybe such laws aren't the panacea that the editorial staff at The Evening Sun would have us believe.

` Mark Szymanski Westminster

Any brains?

In reference to the article in The Evening Sun of Aug. 16 about a candidate giving out goldfish in bags as a promotional %J gimmick:

City Council candidate Donna Beth Joy Shapiro's question to a pet store employee, "Do goldfish have brains?" prompts similar questions about certain political candidates.

` Glenn Isaacson

Owings Mills

Hollow rhetoric

Hats off to your "tell it like it is" editorial regarding the City Jail's missteps ("Hollow rhetoric," Aug. 16). The lack of leadership and mismanagement shown by Schmoke and Bostick clearly disturbing, but not really surprising. If one looks in depth at other missteps in Schmoke's tenure, the pattern persists:

* The Hunter fiasco, in which Schmoke's hollow rhetoric absolved his administration of all blame.

* The HUD fiasco, in which Baltimore city lost several million dollars in block grants by failing to meet HUD deadlines. Again, Schmoke's hollow rhetoric absolved his administration of all blame.

The electorate as well as the newspapers are taking a long look at Schmoke's missteps and the hollowness of the official rhetoric meant to excuse them.

! Stanley Cohen Baltimore

Sister-city benefits

In response to the letter "Arrivederci Sorella" from Jack Androlewicz (Forum, Aug. 14):

Baltimore County Executive Roger Hayden sure had some nerve ending the relationship between Baltimore County and Grosseto. part of the Hereford High School-Montepulciano exchange of 1990, I would have to totally agree with Mr. Androlewicz. Relationships that were formed last year were beneficial to all parties involved. Memories and activities that students shared on the trip will last forever. It really is a shame that this "sister-city" project has to end just because Baltimore County can't find a few dollars to fund such a worthwhile project.

% Justin M. Mascari Monkton

Points of light

It is to our collective shame that we far too often pursue happiness while failing to secure life and liberty for all. President Bush's "points of light" is a theme meant to restore pride in the American people -- to remind us that we can effect change in this nation. Not Congress, not the president, not the Supreme Court, but "We the People."

Individual initiative borne of the acceptance of duty will fan the flames of justice and liberty. The points of light are simply souls ignited by love and honor. They are men and women who choose to use their God-given talents to make a difference. Duty, Honor, Country -- what a concept!

$ David P. Gilmore


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