Determined Bo set for next step

August 22, 1991|By Ross Newhan | Ross Newhan,Los Angeles Times

CHICAGO -- Bo Jackson, having already come further than many medical experts thought possible, will take the next step in his return from a disabling hip injury Saturday night when he begins a rehabilitation assignment with the Sarasota White Sox, Chicago's Class A affiliate in the Florida State League.

Jackson will serve as designated hitter Saturday and Sunday in Sarasota, then move to his hometown, Birmingham, Ala., Monday to become designated hitter for the Double A Barons.

"The more people who told him he couldn't do it, the easier it made my job," said White Sox trainer Herm Schneider, who oversaw Jackson's three-hour-a-day workouts. "Bo was bound and determined to prove them wrong.

"He'll have a little limp the rest of his life and never will be the fleet-footed Bo that he was before getting hurt, but he's ready to give 100 percent of what he's got."

One of the lessons he learned was to slide on his right hip rather than on his left, which Schneider said will never be comparable to the right.

Jackson said he is excited about the prospect of facing live pitching again.

"I'm looking forward to getting my [batting] eye back," he said.

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