Anne Arundel CC faces probation in two sports Amatucci seeks job at St. Francis, N.Y.

August 22, 1991|By Bill Free

Anne Arundel Community College has been notified unofficially by the National Junior College Athletic Association that its men's basketball team and women's soccer team will be placed on one year's probation for allowing academically ineligible students to play during the 1990-91 school year, school spokeswoman Theone Relos said last night.

The NJCAA has informed the school that both teams will be barred from postseason play, from appearing in the NJCAA rankings and from receiving individual honors such as All-Region and All-America teams during the 1991-92 season.

Meanwhile, basketball head coach Mark Amatucci was in Brooklyn, N.Y., Tuesday to talk to St. Francis College officials about their vacant basketball coaching position. He is reported to be one of three finalists.

Regarding the NJCAA violations, Relos said the school has received an "unofficial" letter regarding the probation. She said she expects an official letter in the near future.

Relos said last night that the violations involving the men's basketball player (insufficient credits) and one women's soccer player (grade point average fell below the required 1.7) were discovered by the school and reported to the NJCAA earlier this summer.

Anne Arundel CC president Thomas E. Florestano said last night that the school's athletic director Clayton A. "Buddy" Beardmore had informed women's soccer coach Mike Miles not to play the woman with the grade-point average that fell below 1.7, but for some reason the woman was allowed to play.

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